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Scholarship For John, Jr.



EVENT DATE: Jun 21, 2013


My name is John Bethea, Jr., and because of a temporary financial setback, I am requesting assistance to participate in the 9 Day Encampment with Malidoma Somé.  In the future, I clearly visualize myself meeting any and all financial responsibilities. I also visualize making consistent donations for whatever the East Coast Village may need because I am a believer in this medicine.

As an African-American male, as far as my story or journey of spirit is concerned, it's one that is unbelievable even to me!

The foundation started when I was in kindergarten or the first grade. At the time, the teacher passed out black leather bound history books.  When I opened it, the first page had a picture of an African warrior holding a long spear and a long shield.  I immediately identified w/ that picture as if that is who I was meant to be!  It is also where I developed my deep affinity with all things spiritually and culturally African.  Spirit seems to have been guiding that deep affinity ever since.

I grew up in violent streets of East Orange and Newark, NJ. There is no way I should be here today. But spirit saw it fit to protect me time and time again and again and is now leading and guiding me to grow closer to Malidoma and all the ECV is helping to create.

My father is my hero.  My father could neither read nor write but gave me my greatest lessons in faith and being a man.  Because he could neither read nor write, he felt he had to trust in God to help him raise a family.  He was one of very few fathers in my neighborhood.  Our neighborhood was full of gangsters.  My father took time to help guide some of the older fatherless gangsters.  So for this reason, they love, honor and respect him.  It was also why they were willing to give their lives to protect me as his only son.  Through them, spirit made me feel untouchable. But also through them I was able to learn more and more about the devastating plight that works especially against warrior types who drop out of school or know only one dimension of life; that being street/thug life.
I watched many a strong, thorough warrior type be defeated by violence, drugs, alcohol, women, you name it.  Since a small child I wanted to do something to help them maintain their strength.   So spirit has led me to first learn to understand them and how they see life.  Having a very intelligent father, mother and aunt in our home where my sisters and I were expected to excel in the classroom gave me a chance to also experience a world they may have never entered.  So I became a bit of a warrior/scholar entering in and out of both worlds.
As a man, spirit has guided me through violent attempts on my life from powerful street figures and from reoccurring bouts w/ leaukemia and liver cancer to name a few.  Spirit has always protected and led me to sources of protection  and healing.  The former president of the Association of Black Psychologists introduced me to Malidoma's book "Of Water and the Spirit" believing it to be a key to help me with my desire for transformation, accomplishment and purpose.  I read a lot and love studying ancient chinese history, philosophy and culture.  But even until this day, no books have moved me the way Malidoma's 3 books have.  I then had the pleasure of receiving divination from Malidoma before witnessing him lecture at a college in NY on Spring Street.  The divination was an experience hard to find adequate words to describe as was the lecture.
Therefore, my strongest, most powerful desire at this time in my life is to complete a transformation that will allow me to fulfill my purpose and destiny w/ the help of Malidoma.  Again, I believe my goals/purpose in business, natural healing, religion/spirituality, comedy and film to have a root purpose in helping others to heal and transform.  I believe my purpose to be more specifically designed to help warrior types w/ this healing and transformation.  I'm looking forward to a deeper connection w/ Malidoma and his indigenous sciences to help me fulfill that.  I have lived a life that is even unbelievable to me.  I have experienced the miraculous and supernatural.  Now, I believe it time for me to tap into that energy more deeply.  I believe Malidoma holds possibly the most significant key to that desire becoming a reality.




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