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John Leonard

John Leonard
Shrewsbury, Shropshire England
Stuff About Me:

Cider is an alcoholic beverage made from apple juice.


The alcohol content in Cider varies from around 1% all the way up to around 8%


At times, Cider is fortified to increase the alcohol content in it.


Cider is popular the world over, with USA and UK being the largest manufacturers of the drink.


It is also popular in other European countries like France, Ireland, Spain Germany and Argentina.


Traditionally, Cider was made at Cider Mills, factories where large quantities of apples were pulped, juiced and fermented into the popular beverage.


However, over the years, it has become quite a fad to make Apple Cider at home, read this apple cider guide to know more.


One of the key products that helped bring the convenience of being able to make Cider at home was the Apple Cider Press.


In the past, Apples were mashed and ground to bring out the juice through largely manual devices and techniques.


This included large manually operated mills, mashing it with a piece of timber and many innovations, which were messy, and required an abundance of time and space.


However with the advent of the Apple cider press you have bought from Simply Cider Presses, the mill moved into one’s backyard or kitchen, allowing them to make cider without making a mess.


In the past people used juicers to extract Apple juice, which was then put into the process of making Cider. However, the problem with most juicers is that they take a long time to pulp and extract juice from the fruit.


In addition, they can only take a limited amount of fruit at one go. So while you start off with a huge amount of enthusiasm, slowly but surely, batch after batch, watching the juicer struggle with pulping the fruit wears you down.


Very soon, you’re wishing you’d never started.  Many people stop making the cider at this point out of frustration and fatigue.


Hence it is always recommended that you get yourself a professional Apple Cider press, as this is a product designed and created specifically for the process of making cider.


It helps in reducing the time required in making the fruit juice and pulp and let’s you concentrate on having fun.


There are many options one has when it comes to buying an Apple Cider Press.


These include Presses which only juice and those, which grind and Juice the fruit.


They are also available across price ranges, to suit your budget.


However, make sure you check out the product reviews and the general build quality before you invest in one online.


Many products are sold cheap, but are limited in their capability to grind and juice the fruit. In such cases you are better off with your very own juicer, as the efficiency and capability of the press may end up being just as good as it… not better.


If you like cooking, baking and making stuff at home, you're going to love making Cider. Invest in the correct equipment and enjoy making your own Cider at home.


There’s no place like home… especially when it comes to making Cider.



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