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Cancer Patient Help

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I am fund raising to help our family during a time of need. We have helped others throughout the years and are now forced to swallow our pride and ask for help ourselves. We never thought we would find ourselves in a situation such as this. The humility of asking for help is truly a humbling experience.

We are a family of 4, we have a 12 yo son and 15 yo daughter.

Johnny Tapia, Sr, shown here, was diagnosed with Laryngeal Carcenoma in October 2012. The tumor is attached to his left vocal chord. The last week of September he noticed a small lump (you could not see anything, he just felt something out of the ordinary) on the side of his neck and we started seeing doctors. The lump you see in the photo is how large it has gotten in just 4 weeks; this photo was taken around the end of October.

He has had all his teeth removed in preparation for extensive radiation, has feeding tube in his stomache and a chemotherapy port placed under the skin over his lright pectoral muscle. He has received one chemo treatment as of today (12/18/12).

Up to this point we have had to pay well over $4000 out of pocket after insurance has paid their part. We still have many medical bills ahead of us; there will be 3 more chemo sessions of a week each with 2 weeks break in between, 7 weeks (5 days a week) radiation added to the chemo, surgery to remove whatever is left and 2-3 weeks of recovery.

We are looking at May before we can return to work full time.

He started with over 200 hours of saved time off and is now down to less than 40. He will be on short term disability by the end of the year which will allow for 60% of his pay, but his job will not pay any of his insurance premiums. We are told that they will send us a bill each month to pay them the premiums so we can keep the cost down (COBRA is evidentally much more expensive). We have been told the insurance premiums are just over $1800 a month. After paying for insurance we will have approximately $100 per month left.

My job was part time with no benefits at all. I have to care for him day and night so I can not commit to regular hours.

Please pass our link on to everyone you know; every little bit helps and we are very thankful for everyone who helps us in any way. Just passing our link on to all your contacts is a huge thing to do for us. Along the way there may be someone who can lend a monetary hand. Also keep us in your prayers as prayers are worth so much more than money.



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