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John's Heart Surgery & Baby Caden's Emergency Relief Fund

Organized by: Priscylla Seewoster

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John Seewoster- active duty Navy service member, soon to be father, and my absolutely wonderful husband- was diagnosed suddenly and out of the blue with Endocarditis about two weeks ago. The infection turned out to be staphoreous and had engulfed his tricuspid heart valve. He went from what we thought was a stomach flu to heart failure in less than a week, and from there to needing open heart surgery in about 3-days.

Through out all this he has managed to remain calm and optimistic, mainly for me because while all of this has been happening, I am currently around 7 weeks pregnant with out first child, a baby boy, with my tentative due date being June 23rd.

At this point my husband has fought valiantly for his life and the valve replacement surgery is thankfully thus far working. Our biggest hurdle now is keeping him on a heavy course of potent anti biotics for 6+weeks as an in patient (=[) in the hospital. Even after completing this and beating the infection, the valve is not permanent and must replaced (meaning another radical open heart surgery) in about 10-15 years. On top of that, John's conduction system, aka the electrical system of the heart, was permanently damaged from the bacteria and he now suffers from complete stage III heart block. This means at only barely 21 years old he will now need a pace maker for the rest of his life.

My first goal with this fundraiser is to lift some of the huge impending financial burden we are now facing and hopefully simultaneously bolster his comfortability, happiness, and recovery. My husband deserves the very best. He is an avid blood/plasma donator and has always made himself available at the beck and call of others and has helped more strangers in tough positions than I can even count. He is a giving, wonderful man and soon to be father who is now possibly going to miss the birth of his first son due to this awful bacteria.

My second goal is to make sure that we do not lose everything my husband has worked so hard for and to provide, with a little help, the optimal environment despite these sudden and trying times for our baby Caden to come into this world. This whole event has left me barely afloat and struggling desperately to catch up and keep up with finances. We have been hit with multiple simultaneous struggles and bad news that I unfortunately cannot disclose because of its military nature. However I refuse to give in to misfortune and hope you all can find it in your hearts to help a young man and his family through the struggle of a lifetime.

My third and final goal is to raise awareness for this bacteria and how devastating it's complications can really be and in such an amazingly short amount of time. Usually it is found in the forms of skin infections such as MRSA, staphylococcus, and even flesh eating disease or various blood infections. In my husband's case the virus found its way into the blood stream (this can happen from anything to an IV to teeth cleaning) and once in there just happened to attach to his heart valve. It was completely bad luck and could happen to anyone. From there within a week he was in the icu with heart failure. I was told if we'd waited any longer he'd had mostly likely died. His fever was 106 Fahrenheit when we arrived and stayed there fairly consistently until the surgery. The surgery consisted of replacing his first heart valve, the tricuspid, with a live tissue cow valve. This has allowed for the antibiotics to take better hold. Unfortunately while waiting for surgery a piece of the infection managed to break off causing my husband to experience a very painful embolism in his left lung. The fluid from this was drained with a chest tube (he had three by the end of the operation). Also his heart conduction system was permanently damaged and he has to live with pace maker for life.

In closing, thank you to whoever has taken the time to read this fundraiser and to anyone who is willing to donate and help out with our relief efforts... I can't even begin to express my gratitude. No one ever expects to be thrown into such a sudden life or death situation and the emotional, financial, and physical toll is absolutely exhausting on all facets of the family. Any small amount will help us more than you can imagine and we look forward to once having gotten through this, spreading the love of to other families in need by volunteering locally and donating to others in similar circumstance. We are all living this life of ours side by side and if we're not here for each other, then we truly have nobody!



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