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A Musical for John Welsh

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EVENT DATE: Jun 10, 2011

Abigail Van Patter


John Welsh School is your typical inner-city K-8 Philadelphia public school. It's muticultural, it's compact, it's challenging, it's rewarding, and it's busting at the seems with diverse talent. Being the music teacher, I get to experience first hand the beauty and the vibrancy of the personalities in the school. I have first graders spinning on their heads and dancing to the beat of pretty much anything (even the rhythm of the machine doing work on the road outside my window!) I have eighth graders who can rap about anything and everything, girls who can add their own flavor to any vocal solo, and three choirs of 3-8th graders who sing like urban angels. They know how to express, they know how to shine. And I'm so incredibly proud of them!

That being said, there are obstacles, our goal is to put on a musical review this June, but we simply do not have the funds necessary to put on the show. The point of this fundraising project to urge people who love the arts and want to keep them alive in the public schools to get involved and really make a difference for our school! You're money would go toward props, sets, sound equipment, musicians, music, and t-shirts for the students to wear in the show. Please seriously consider donating money, any amount will help tremendously.

My drive for this project and the passion of my students simply are not enough to get it underway, we need all of you to get involved and really help our students grow and succeed in this musical endeavor.

Here is the breakdown for where the money will go:

1.) Music for the show (it's a musical REVIEW so it's individual pieces of music we'll be purchasing.)

2.) Copies of the Script (It's a Vaudeville-style variety show, so their will be comedy sketches throughout the show.)

3.) Musicians (pianist and drummer for the performance.)

4.) Sound Equipment (Microphones, etc.)

5.) Set supplies (paint, cardboard, brushes)

6.) T-shirts (they will wear jeans and these tshirts for the show, instead of costumes.)

7.) Props (anything we need to complete the show, buckets for "Hard knock life" etc..)

8.) P.R. (fliers, programs, anything to be printed or get the word out for the production.)

9.) Misc (anything I left out!)


Thank you in advance, we are SO grateful for your support!



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