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Join us let put a smile on the face of the Ghanaian Child.

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Jupong like all other low income communities faces developmental challenges like poor roads, sanitation and most importantly poor education.
Childscope Ghana a nongovernmental and nonprofit making organization established to bear the responsibility of ensuring the development of the child educationally and health wise takes this initiative of inviting all stakeholders to contribute its quota in helping us achieve a humanization need of establishing a purely revelation school for Redeemed Royal International. The aim of this programme is to help break the vicious cycle of illiteracy, child marriages, teenage pregnancy, and rampant abortions among others by raising scholarships and sponsorship packages for the rural folks who can not afford to help their children actualize their dreams.

We endulge you to become a beneficiary to the needy.A father, mother to the fatherless and motherless. To help a child in a life changing programme by shaping destinies and resurrecting dreams that were hitherto dead.

Stories that will touch you.

Sarah’s mum was abused at a prayer camp, at a point where she almost run mad and the result, this innocent girl. Her mum’s savior an old man, old enough to be her mum’s father, who has since married the abused mum.

Sadly, Sarah’s step father wishes to have nothing to do with Sarah and with an irresponsible father Sarah is abandoned, left in the care of her grandmother who can barely fend for herself, thoughtless of fending for little Sarah.

She was enrolled in school by her untie who brought along her two other children.A very bright girl, Captured everything you teach her.

But as life will have it, the auntiecatered for her kids only ignoring Sarah. Sarah who was so proud of being in school will come to school on an empty stomach if she has to, barefoot and so unkempt.With time the joy on his girls face, faded.

Appalling enough the school had to intervene. We fed her once in day. Bought her books gave her uniform, school bag and paid fees. Though not enough and Sarah still suffers much trauma am glad seeing this smile on Sarah as she wears this look

God save this poor girl from her agony of childhood.


Juliet’s mum is a petty trader who got married at an early age. As life has it now, she wishes she had the opportunity to have gone to school.

She hopes her child could have a better opportunity than she had.

To support Juliet is her greatest challenge.

Gertrude comes from a very responsible family. They provided for her every need and saw that she lacked nothing. But as fate had it, Gertrude lost the father who was the bread winner of the family.

Gertrude’s mum had to start trading to survive the family. Gertrude is a very brilliant child, but fate is reshaping her destiny into something else.

A very brilliant girl in her class. She is being supported by a single parent, Comfort’s mother, who lives at Afram plains.

This girl stands to make greater impact on society if supported.

For Rebbecah the challenges are many. Rebbecah’s father had many wives and lots of children. In Rebbecah’s family one had to fight for attention and considering her age, this poor child just gave it all up.

She did not bother whether she was noticed or not and thus in school she carried on a similar attitude. It affected her studies till the proprietor noticed her. She had a funny attitude of running away any time she was noticed so the proprietor counseled her out at that fear. In conversation she promised to do better in class and be more focused. She is now one of the best pupils in her class, from being last, to being among the first three. She needs to be encouraged. She stands to do better.

Mary on countless times had run away from home. This is because she saw herself as being maltreated.

She used to live with the mother, but due to problems with her mother’s husband because of her, the mother brought her to live with the unemployed father. She has been finally left with the grandmother where she has to do petty trading so she and the grandmother cansurvive. To this end she absents herself from school so as to trade to bring money home.

With these kids, life has become a great challenge. They are faced with parents who are unemployed and thus strive on a day to day job to sustain the family.

Here were find mothers who have to rely on sexual demand of men to survive their family.

The kids are basically left on their own and the example they learn from, very appalling.

We seek your help in giving these students a life.

We look forward to your assistance.
Thank You.

Childscope Ghana.

Please let’s help put a smile on the faces of these children.
For more information please call Henry on 233-249958424 or Junecreast on 233 (261) 678671
You can also read more on Childscope Ghana at www.childscopegh.com



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