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This fundraiser is conducted to help Jordan get back all that she lost in the short remaining time she has left to live from Lupus. A year ago, Jordan had it all. An executive level job, an amazing five year relationship with her boyfriend, house, new car, her health, brand new Mac for business, etc. - last summer Jordan grew sick and knew that it was the start of her auto-immune disease - Lupus. It is also affecting her asthma. Jordan hid her auto immune disease from her boyfriend in fear of losing him. She was right. When she told him he grew angry she kept this from him and broke it off because he states he lost his trust. Their home they got together was no longer hers and she has been living from friend to friends houses with not enough income to live on her own. Jumping from house to house and becoming gradually sicker had caused her to lose her job. Shortly after she couldn't afford her car payments and it was quickly repossessed by honda financial. Just when things couldn't get worse - her health insurance expired and she now can't afford her medication. Her family has been broken ever since the injustice from the murder trial of her sister and she has not spoken to them because of how awful they became after the trial put them in great debt. Jordan may be sick but she's not a quitter. She went and got her business license and opened an integrated business, however with borrowing computers, no car, no place to live, etc. - she is now in serious debt and close to losing her business. The debt spawned from old tuition loans and medical bills that grew so large she now is 8,000 dollars in debt. The stress is making her more sick and she cannot afford the doctor and is living an unhealthy life now that she has lost everything. Please help her raise money for a place, car, doctor, and to live the success she's worked and dreamed of since a child. Help jordan live her dream before she loses her life. Help her live before her time is up and so that her threatened business can live on after her.



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Jordan is working on selecting a charity so you can support Jordan's Life Fund.