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Benn Griffin's Fundraiser:

Jolly Roger Runners for Sea Shepherd International

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EVENT DATE: Apr 21, 2013

Benn Griffin


If your heart breaks whenever you hear about whales being illegally slaughtered here is your chance to do something about it. The Jolly Roger Runners will be running 50 miles on April 21, 2013 at the Jack Bristol Lake Waramaug Ultra Marathon in support of Sea Shepherd. 100 % of all donations made go directly to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS). 

Meet your team: Benn Griffin, seasoned ultra runner and middle school teacher from Pittsfield, MA; Michael Menard ultra race director and survivor of the VT 100, a real battle-tested badass, also from Pittsfield, MA; and Ana Wolf an animal rights activist and therapist from Worthignton, MA. 

“We are running because of the pressing importance and urgency of this issue! We need to act now! All around the world, greed and ignorance are seeking profit from our ocean's already fragile state. Sea Shepherd has stepped up courageously and with great tenacity, defending not only whales, but dolphins, sharks, seals and indeed entire eco systems with successful nonviolent direct action campaigns.” - Ana Wolf

Beginning in 1977, Captain Paul Watson founded the Earth Force Society in 1977 in Vancouver.  SSCS was incorporated in the United States in 1981. Since its founding, SSCS members have sailed aboard its first ship, Sea Shepherd on more than 200 voyages around the world. Though it has expanded its fleet and notoriety, its mission remains the same - to seek out, support, and safeguard defenseless populations of animal life most susceptible to human cruelty.

“We stand today on a pivotal moment in human history. The actions we take today will directly aid in the preservation and maintenance of healthy animal populations for future generations. As responsible citizens of this country and world how can we NOT act? I am making a stand to confirm the importance of conservation in the world of today to benefit the world of tomorrow. One small step united together as one yields larger, long-lasting ramifications in the preservation of the natural world. I wish to make a stand for the world, and I wish to do it now!” - Benn Griffin

“If all I have to do is run 50 miles to help them, then I am gonna do it… They’re out in the middle of the Arctic Ocean!” - Michael Menard



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