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Jonathan Grossman's Rebel Challenge 2-day run for My Brighter Tomorrow children's charity

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Dear Friends,

I write this letter to you, in order to share with you my plan to run what is called the Rebel Challenge, which is part of the Disneyland Inaugural Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend. This is a two-day event this upcoming January 2015 wherein I will be running a 10K on Saturday, January 17th, followed by a Half Marathon on the following day. Even more importantly, I also want you to know why I am running this event, and how you may participate in support of this event to make the lives of countless children in need better.

The reasons I am running in this two-day event are several. 

First, I have always believed in taking care of children and believe that they deserve unconditional love and support in their development and growth. They represent innocence, hope, and all that can be amazing in our world. I want to champion their health and wellness when it otherwise cannot be accomplished. Second, as the father to the two beautiful girls in my pictures, I know that I would move Heaven and Earth to do anything for them, especially if they were ill and in need of medical care. I believe in doing unto others as I would have them do unto me, and that extends to my children and family. I want to not only help my children, but to be there to help other parent's children, and I would hope they could help out my children one day if the need arose. Third, I am a physician. In such challenging times as our society currently faces, and especially in regards to health care, it is of the utmost improtance to fight for our children, for all children, to make sure that they have access to the health care and therapies they need in order to not just live life, but to thrive and live vibrantly, to dream... to smile from the inside out. This is where My Brighter Tomorrow, the charity for which I run, comes into play.

My Brighter Tomorrow is a non-profit organization that was formed to help children with special needs access the specialized therapy they need that unfortunately, their insurance companies will not cover. I feel very strongly that every child should receive therapy available, whether it is new “cutting edge” or traditional, that will help them with their day to day life.

The mission of My Brighter Tomorrow is to “give faith” and provide funding for  therapies for special needs children that insurance companies deny. Consistent with the dream of our founders, no child will be deprived of our love and services, and potential funding on any bias related to religion, background or medical history. Our mission is to provide every child with an opportunity to THRIVE not just survive.

We envision the world as a place where every child has the right to thrive. Our vision is to grow as a leader in providing funds to unfortunate children so that they can have all financial aids to thrive in our society. We aspire to improve diagnosis and enhance treatment for special needs children. We would like to provide an opportunity for a greater number of children who are denied coverage for “cutting edge” physical therapy by insurance companies.

My Brighter Tomorrow is a 501c3 organization and all donations are tax deductible. 

Every child deserves the very best chance for health and happiness. We can help to make that vision a reality. Thank you for your support :)




(proud papa to Madison and London, and married to a helluva woman) 



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D. Chandler

D. Chandler


Because I support you and believe in your wonderful cause! Good luck! 5 years ago




In tribute of all the children with special needs. We are here for you! 5 years ago