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Finding Creative Ways to Connect our Community to the Grace of God!


Our mission is to "Evangelize the Hurting and Love Them into the Church" and to have FUN while doing it.  We are loving hurting people into the church via community events, our after school program (the Academia Mauricio Saravia) and transformative relationships in our faith community, Iglesia Gracia y Vida. This requires an abundance of “second mile love” and a concertedly sharp focus on our goal from every level and each human part of our organization. Thus, we earnestly seek partnerships with like-hearted and minded people and organizations from all over the globe. Our work amongst the poor is done best by laboring side by side with ministry workers of all ages and places.

Our vision is to "Inspire a Renaissance in the City."  This is being done 1 person at a time.  People come to our outreach ministries, hear the Gospel and receive Christ.  They are invited to become involved in our efforts and welcomed into our church.  Soon we see God raise them up as a new wave and generation of community leaders.  This excites us because we believe that God provides answers to a community's struggles from within, by people who have been transformed by the love of God and then granted the opportunity and privilege to serve others and the church.  A critical cog in our workings is the value and focus given to this process and production of indigenous leaders.

Come and see for yourself if we are not truly witnessing God "Bringin' Good Outta da Hood!"