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Joseph Mckinney

Joseph Mckinney
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Do you sometimes notice that your hand shakes each time you are holding a mug or when you are writing? Does it bother you that you can't do a simple routine such as tying your shoelaces or buttoning your clothes due to involuntary shaking of your hands? Are the tremors getting worse each day that it is already affecting your daily life? If so, it is high time you start analyzing the cause and maybe find some ways to stop it. Before dealing a little more about possible tremor diet, exercises, and treatments, it would be beneficial to know the causes and symptoms of tremor or essential tremor.

Basic Facts on Tremor

Essential tremor is known as the excessive or involuntary shaking of some body parts such as the hands, legs, and head. In some cases, shaking can also be noticed in the tongue, lips and vocal cords or larynx thus your voice has the shaking sound when you talk. It is believed that half of all the cases of tremor are due to genetic mutation and this phenomenon usually runs in the family.

Who Gets Tremors?

Anyone can be affected by tremor. In fact, even young people can suffer from it. While it is not an age-related 'disorder', people over their forties are mostly affected by it. Since it is said that tremors run in the family and no one among your family members suffer from tremor, it could be that the involuntary shaking is due to some factors such as liver failure, Parkinson's disease, alcoholism, stress, fatigue, anger, strenuous activities, too much caffeine, side effect from certain medications, mercury poisoning, and lithium intake.

What Could Be Done to Ease or Avoid Tremors

Of course, you can always take an essential tremor relief supplement like Tremoraid to ease the symptoms of tremors. Tremoraid offers exceptional products, all with the purpose of providing long-term relief from the annoying symptoms of essential tremors. Tremoraid is made from all-natural ingredients, so you can be sure it's safe and effective.

However, aside from taking a supplement as natural shaky hands treatment, it is also recommended that you overhaul your diet. One diet you may consider is the Mediterranean diet. This diet, which is located in the food pyramid, consists of sweets and meats that are situated in the top of the pyramid and followed by fish and seafood, eggs, poultry products yogurt in the middle. The largest part of the diet should include large portions of vegetable, fruit, seeds, nuts, grains, beans, legumes, herbs and spices and olive oil. The Mediterranean diet is best for people suffering from benign essential tremor.

Mediterranean diet discourages you to processed food and focus only with fresh ones. This kind of diet also works best when taken with a glass of wine with your dinner. Wine, when taken in moderation is a good replacement for coffee. A glass or two of wine is just fine daily but don't overly consume or it won't help at all. With the study done by National Institutes of Health, it was found out that it was actually helpful to essential tremor sufferers. Here at this site you will get helpful info

Though tremors are not life threatening, it is suggested to see a doctor especially when it is getting worse. Breathing exercises and meditation are also helpful especially when tremors are caused by anger, stress, or fatigue. For benign tremors, a good tremor diet and healthier lifestyle can help ease discomforts.



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