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Joseph Patterson

Joseph Patterson
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Psoriasis originates from the Greek word 'psora', which translates to "being itchy" or "itching condition". This chronic condition that predominantly affects the skin is long lasting but not contagious. Some individuals have periods without symptoms while others endure its presenting signs and symptoms all throughout.


A medical professional can confirm whether a person's condition is psoriasis or not. A careful check on the skin is done and asking about the signs and symptoms from the affected person. The signs are something that other people like a doctor can see and detect like the rashes on the skin. The symptoms are what the patient feels like pain and reports.

The signs and symptoms of psoriasis differ from person to person. The symptoms are recurring. It lingers for a few weeks or months, fade for a while, and surface again.


Symptoms based on the different types of psoriasis:

Plaque psoriasis is raised spots of inflamed skin and covered with silvery-white scales. These are commonly found on the scalp, elbows, knees and back but can come out anywhere on the skin. The exfoliation of the skin on most of the body surface is accompanied by severe itching with pain and swelling.


Nail Psoriasis is common in 40-45 per cent of persons already with skin psoriasis. The nails have clear yellow-red discoloration as if there is a drop of blood or oil under the nail. There is pitting or depression in the nails because of the loss of cells from the nail surface. Lines across the nails appear due to inflamed cells. The skin under the nail thickened and leads to loosening and crumbling.


Guttate psoriasis appears like small, salmon-pink drops on the skin of the arms, legs or trunk. This type is uncommon, about 2 per cent have guttate psoriasis, children, and adults below the age of 30. The cause can be streptococcal or viral infection or inherited. The symptoms include the appearance of tiny, salmon-pink or red drops 2-3 weeks after a strep throat or tonsillitis. The lesions are itchy. It also spread to the face area including the ears and scalp. Nails are not affected.


Scalp psoriasis is evident on the whole scalp or some parts only as red skin patches with thick covering of silvery-white scales. The affected person is bothered by extreme itchiness, others don't have the discomfort. If it's severe, there can be hair loss but usually temporary only. Some who suffer from this use shampoo for hair loss. And as an example, NisimNewHairBiofactors has been proven effective for hair loss caused by psoriasis. You can visit their website for more details about this shampoo for hair loss.


Inverse psoriasis are found in the skin folds or creases of the genitals (thigh and groin), under the abdominal folds of an obese person, the armpits, between the buttocks and under the breasts. It appears as large and smooth red patches in some areas or all the identified areas. The condition can get worse from sweating and friction and hot weather contributes to the uncomfortable feeling.


Erythrodermic psoriasis is the rare type that affects almost all the body's skin surface. The skin looks burned because the skin turns bright red. There is an intense itching or burning sensation feeling and severe pain. The person cannot maintain a normal body temperature (98.6°F). He can feel very hot or very cold. This can lead to depletion of proteins and fluid (dehydration). In more serious cases, the person can develop infection, hypothermia, heart failure, and malnutrition. Bring right away to the hospital.


If you have these symptoms of psoriasis, don't hesitate or delay; have a check-up immediately. Your condition requires diagnosis and confirmation of the doctor by looking into the symptoms of psoriasis so that he can be able to administer the right treatment and medication for you.



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