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josh linton

josh linton
United States
Stuff About Me:

I have started this fundraiser because people lose loved ones. It is inevitable. When a family loses a member, who happens to be the supporter of that family, who is going to help them survive? Who will be the ones to make sure they keep the roof over their head, or food in the refrigerator or to pay the monthly car note or the mortgage on their house?

If that was your family, who would help you and your kids?

That is my why.

All i ask is for a dollar. Maybe that spare change sitting atop your dresser or in the console of your car. I ask corporations to help with as much as they see fit, if any.

Last month we had a man who was crushed to death working on a rig, leaving behind his stay at home wife and their two or three children. This woman reached out asking for donations to help pay her rent, groceries for her children and to pay his medical bills that was now debted to her. Luckily, a family member let her move in so she could concentrate on finding a job. But with her limited occupational skills as a stay at home mother, the opportunities are few and far in between. If that was you and your family, do you have someone who would/could "save" you? Would you be able to find work and fast?

People can help people. And this is where it starts.

Electrocution, murder, deaths on the job, car accidents, etc., whatever it may be, we want to help those families. It wont be a new home or a million dollars put in their account but surely, we can help pay off a car, pay a few months rent or pay a few thousand on medical bills. Something other than be sorry for that person.

See it in your heart to help. God bless.

Accidental Loss of Loved Ones



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