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Sonia SAYS:
I am happy to send anyone a …
I am happy to send anyone a bank receipt/proof of my donation. I definitly want everyone to know that I honestly started this wanting to help. . . and give other foreigner a way to help. I have certainly learned a little. It may not have gone the way you intended. . . it did not go the way I intended (and given my connections with the school, I did not expect the response I recieved). The money definitely goes to the school, and hopefully towards those students we intended to help. I continue to press them on this (with little response). . . but maybe if others add to the outcry. . . they will understand what I meant when I tried to explain that this money was entrusted to me by many people.
3 years ago
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Sonia SAYS:
Hello! I am sorry it has ta…

I am sorry it has taken so long, but I waited until the "Sewol" students would be entering university to award the scholarship.

I had contacts at the school and met with staff including English teachers, so I know my message was not lost due to my poor Korean.

I specifically asked that the teachers nominate a student to get the scholarship. They wanted to see the money first, before promising anything to any student. I obliged. This seemed reasonable-- after all, other than calls, e-mails, snail mail, the school didn't really know me. After we had all agreed that the money would go to fund one student's scholarship. (I was given a nice, if very sad, tour around the school-- the classrooms of the students who perished are now shrines-- no one wants to go back there, and the desks are eerily left as they were, with added gifts, notes, memories. . .) However, after depositing the raised funds (and I added to round it up), I was only sent the same basic e-mail/text (only in Korean) 저희 학교에 발전기금을 기탁해 주셔서 감사합니다.

기탁해 주신 발전기금은 현재 재학생만 지원이 가능합니다.

2016학년도 3학년 학생에게 지원해 주시길 원하는 것으로 알고 있습니다.

혹시 2015학년도 3학년 학생을 지원해 주시길 원하셨다면

죄송하지만 졸업한 학생으로 지원이 어려움을 말씀드립니다.


Basically, it says that the funds will be used to support students of that graduating class.

In my attempts to reach the school, I have been totally shut out. For this I am really, really sorry. I will think twice and and have a better plan if I ever try to do something like this in the future.

I really do think/hope the school will (as they said in Korean) use these funds to help those students in the "surviving class". I would have liked to put a face to this, but honestly, I did my best. I met with the staff, including English teachers, explained the campaign and "had their word" . . . which ultimately amounted to nothing but repeated canned e-mails. I do apologize that I failed to deliver what I promised (a scholarship to a deserving student), but I do hope that the funds indee go to these students. Personally, I thought that having connections in the press, and even at the school, that my intentions would be honored. I have tried to contact the school, explain that I was entrusted with this money for a purpose. . . but I was shut out. For that, I am really sorry. I do hope and trust that our funding (I was the largest donor!) does go in the right direction. Thank you.
3 years ago
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Sonia SAYS:
Hi Joshua, I think I sent a…
Hi Joshua,

I think I sent a direct thank you from my email notification, but if I didn't, well, thanks!

I haven't heard back from Danwon High School, and will wait to contact them again until they have had a chance to return to some sense of normalcy. I have also asked some reporters/editors to help me contact Park Jiyoung's family, when timing is right.

I am open to ideas and input; my initial thought is use the funds as a scholarship to help a deserving students (preferably from the Danwon community) fulfill their dreams, in memory of those whose dreams died with them in this tragedy.

I am keeping myself out of this as much as possible, as it's about honoring the victims, and I don't want it about me.

As a donor, however, feel free to keep me accountable! I will recontact all donors to let them know who received the funds and any pertinent details!


SoniaKnapp 010-4185-7625
5 years ago
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