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I have completed a successful audition to participate at the International Arts School Hollywoods Next Star Showcase to be held at the Birchwood Hotel & OR TAMBO Conference Center. The performers (actors, models, singers and dancers) who will attend this prestigious event will have the opportunity to show their talent to judging panels consisting of today’s top agents, managers, casting directors, and industry professionals, where top international agents will be seeking their next star. Here I am, this is me… We all have to start somewhere and I am just embarking on this journey. I am a newcomer, a fresh face on the block but I do have potential. During the coming months I will be attending a workshop every month with talent coach Oliver Muller (voted by Hollywood Agents as iPOP director and school of the year 2015) from the International Arts School. The goal is to work to get to the Master International Program which includes a career program with Ron Patterson. It also includes training workshops and a local showcase with International Arts School in South Africa. This coaching is designed to prepare you for IPOP Hollywood and local auditions and further your skills development as an artist. Despite the financial challenge, opposition and the fear of failure, I look forward to the love for that moment of transformation that will occur when I see myself in all my beauty, potential and creativity in a workshop. In a time of austerity and political crisis, the discussion on the role of the arts in society seems like a luxury few can afford. Actually the opposite is true. As the world looks now, we have built our norms for progress along the lines of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – basic food and shelter being of utmost importance; self-actualization and the quest for spirituality a rare priority in the everyday scramble to ensure we all manage to get by. Yet, I would suggest that the need for art lies at the very heart of the world’s most intractable problems and it is through the arts that we can best experience the transformation that brings about progress in all areas of human endeavour. Arts truly can transform a human being – the way a person thinks and feels and how one considers their place in the world. For me, the case is fundamental. The more we continue to wallow in the mud of ignorance, fear and corruption of power, the less we will find the genuine authority and leadership needed to bring the world forward in the way we all at our core know to be our rightful heritage. This honors both those we lead as well as ourselves as leaders who are committed to acting with the integrity that lies within each one of us. We cannot stay within the confines of the problem. Rather, we must work from the love within us to break through the barriers that prevent us from singing, dancing and expressing our highest vision for humanity. •This coaching is designed to prepare you for IPOP Hollywood and local auditions and further your skills development as an artist as well as learn how to raise sponsorships. Personal & Branding strategy, Vision, mission, strategic role and SWOT analysis (The key is to - Arrive ready to compete not to merely survive). • Talent Awareness, How to sell yourself, Personal physical awareness training, Personal emotional management training, Personal rational thinking training, Past experience versus present living and future dreaming. This course is designed for beginning voice students to work on the basic skills of singing, acting, including vocal technique (in speech and singing) and solo vocal performance. Aspects of breathing, support, diction and a variety of vocal literature will be addressed. Students will work on self-improvement by fostering and developing greater self-awareness, confidence, and expression. The majority of the class time will be spent learning how to sing/act/model/dance and training your voice. Students will develop more appreciation for the vocal art, as a cultural force in a civilized world. Learn ways in which singing/acting/modeling and dance are used in culture and in individual lives. Choreographing - Runway posture and walking - Body co - ordination - Eye contact - Smile - Introduce and practice ageappropriate movement skills - Appearance (Beauty from the inside out) – 1. Vocal technique: breath management, tone quality, coordination, lift, placement, support. 2. Musicianship: accuracy in pitch, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, phrasing. 3. Stage presence: posture, poise, use of gestures, eye contact, facial expressions, nervous habits, attire, grooming. 4. Diction: pronunciation, clarity and projection of text, words understood, diphthongs correctly performed, etc. 5. Musical/dramatic presentation: interpretation, style, expression, portrayal of mood, dynamic changes, tempo fluctuation, etc. 6. Preparation: memorization, rehearsal Package Includes:- Training workshops & local showcase with International Arts School in South Africa (Training is provided by Oliver Müller voted by Hollywood Agents as iPOP Director & School of the year 2015) Venue & dates to be confirmed - 5 nights accommodation at the Millenium Biltmore Hotel (or other approved iPOP hotel) is included in this package - Private auditions with Hollywood agents and managers - Lunch with casting agents, directors and talent scouts - Daily meetings during the event in Los Angeles - Registration of Performer and issuing of iPOP! badge - Guidance in the selection of commercial and monologues etc - Your photo in the Official Directory of Performers - Admission to all workshops and seminars at iPOP! - The opportunity to be seen by Agents, Managers and Casting Directors - Admission to the event and gala awards dinner - The opportunity to audition for Awards Night showcase - Representation services and marketing before, during and after iPOP! - The additional charge for a parent is US$ 1500 and includes the package described above - Offers a discount of US$ 1900 per each additional Performer of the same family - Able to participate in Skype sessions with working actors in Hollywood - Access to iPOP! cocktail party with agents, casting directors and talent - Access to the Red Carpet event for pictures with celebrities - Participate in two day “boot camp” prior to iPOP! - Does not include airfare and transportation expenses ALL INCLUDED IN THE PRICE FOR IPOP! US$ 5400 * ( GUARANTEE YOUR SPOT IN OUR NEXT 2 DAY WORKSHOP & ATTENDANCE AT OUR LOCAL SHOWCASE 1ST – 3RD DECEMBER 2017 IN GAUTENG) DEPOSIT R10000. Thank you for reading through all of the information, I appreciate your time. These are the kind of opportunities that comes around once in a lifetime and I am honored to be considered. Being a part of this experience means the world to me and I am taking the whole process seriously to achieve the best results as I am very committed to developing a professional career in the fashion and entertainment world.



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