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Journey to cambodia

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EVENT DATE: Jun 18, 2014

Jimi Taylor


Dear family and friends,


First I would like to thank all of you who prayed for me and supported me going to Cambodia last year.  It was such an amazing experience and it was journey that I will never forget, and I’m glade to be writing you all again to tell you that here we are a year later and gods called me to go back to Cambodia. I personally at first wasn’t thinking about going on a mission trip this year but I believe that my journey in life is taking a change for the better. Last year Cambodia really changed me in many different ways and im thankful for that change in my heart. As a lot of you know I struggle with depression and for years I used it as an excuse to feel sorry about myself and to not go for my dreams and mainly doubt god. When I went to Cambodia god showed me and what I realized was that I am more than my depression and it also showed me that it’s ok to be happy. One experience I will never forget is when me and my team were walking through a small village and we came to this little house and the guy who lived there open his house to us with arms open. When we started talking to him he started to tell us how he became Christian and how much he trusted god. He shared with us how every time his cows got sick he would pray over them and completely trust god to heal them. Come to find out that his cows were the only cows in the village not to die when they got sick. I am truly blessed and thankful for that experience it showed me what truly trustily god and having faith really meant.


So I’m writing you all to let you know that im going back to Cambodia this and im really excited to be going back. I’m going back to Cambodia this year because I believe my journey has just begun there and Gods calling me back to show me more. I honestly don’t know what he has in store for me this time around but I know in my heart that I need to be there to in order for me to grow more spiritually and become the person I need to be. I believe we all have a journey in life and I believe my journey is to go overseas and minister and share peace love and hope. My team and I will be partnering with New Life church, while we are in country we will be visiting the local New life school, going to the provinces, ministering and serving where we are called to serve. None of this will be possible without the support from our family and friends. The trip is going to cost between 2700 to 2800 dollars, we will be leaving around June 21st to July 4 and I’m asking for your support for me and my team. Even though that my team and I of money if you cant support my team and I finically that’s ok cause what’s greater than money is prayer. If all you can do to help my team and me out is pray for us or just wishing us luck on our journey is greater than any amount of money needed. The money may get us to Cambodia but the prayer and support from our loved ones will keep us strong and give us the strength to pull through on our journey. I would like to thank you all in advance again for your support for my team and I. whether its money or just prayer and encouragement I am thankful for it all and look forward to coming home and sharing what god did for us over in Cambodia once again . You can send money either cash or check to either me or Water of life community church attn global outreach 14418 miller ave Fontana ca 92336. Make sure to address the check to water of life if you are mailing it directly to the church. With out you guys support none of this would be possible and I am blessed to be able to go on this journey with all of you I love you all and again thank you for your support.






Jimi Taylor 



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