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Juanita Pannocchia's Fundraiser:

Juanita's Fundraiser for Cure JM

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Losing Casey devastated our family and left a void that can never be filled. It was and still is difficult to understand the meaning of losing our vibrant daughter/sister at such a young age, but after time we came to realize that each life has an enduring impact on the world far beyond the time they are actually here with us. Casey inspired us with her strength and tenacity to fight her disease and we want her determined spirit to inspire other children and families afflicted with Juvenile Myositis. Before Casey was diagnosed, we knew very little about this rare auto immune disease in which the body's own immune system attacks its own cells and tissues. We encourage you to to to the Cure JM Foundation website to learn more about Juvenile Myositis, the families and the Cure JM Foundation. Please consider a donation in Casey's memory. Thank you & God Bless, Casey's family Cure JM Foundation wrote - What is Juvenile Myositis? Juvenile Myositis (JM), include Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM) and Juvenile Polymyositis (JPM), is a rare autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system attacks its own cells and tissues. Juvenile Myositis is a life-threatening disease affecting 2-3 children per million in the U.S. alone. This insidious disease can attack almost all systems of the body. For manhy children with JM, it's a challenge to simply stand up or sit down. Extreme fatigue and weak, painful muscles make walking difficult, while activities such as running or climbing up stairs can be all but impossible. Many suffers will develope a red skin rash, painful calcium deposits ( calcinosis), vasculitic ulcers, changes in cardiac function and joint contractures, along with swallowing difficulty. And there is NO cure…........YET. The primary medications used to treat the symptoms of JM are immunosuppressants, corticosteroids and chemotherapy. While there is NO CURE yet...advances in early diagnoses and aggrtessive treatment, the outcome has continued to improve. Some children experience a mild form and may go into remission; while others may follow a more severe and potentially debilitating course that can be life-long. And yet.......Unfortunately, we also have some of our precious children will battle an array of serious complications, leaving them to relay on wheelchairs, respirators, severe ongoing pain, disfigurment and yes even death. Whether the course of this disease is mild or severe, JM is life-changing for all involved. But you can help. Generosity like yours has helped Cure JM Foundation invest more than $8 million into critical research, advancing our understanding of the genetic and environmental risk factors of Juvenile Myositis, the most effective drug treatments, and common factors of life-threatening heart and lung complications Our goal is to never, ever let another child suffer from Juvenile Myositis. And with your help, this goal is well within our reach.



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