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Jucan Foundation

Saving children and rescuing families who are fighting for a cure with the first three letters in Cancer CAN (C-onquer, A-dvocate, N-ext Generation!) Tax ID 59-2472488


 The "JuCan" movement started in 2012 when 6 year old, Julia (Ju) Cobb was diagnosed with a rare bone/tissue cancer called, Ewing's sarcoma. During her 2 year treatment, a positive Julia, focused on the first three letters in cancer....CAN! As a result, she was dubbed, "The JuCan!" She was alway's kind and encouraging to other children and families fighting cancer, and loved adults and childern alike. Ju started a toy drive during her stay at the Ronald McDonald House in Houston for less fortunate families. She shared a bright smile with strangers, making an impact on anyone she came in contact with. She was co-founder of the JuCan Foundation (Non-Profit 501c3), designed to reflect Ju's heart for hurting families fighting cancer.

In 5 years, the JuCan has morphed into an incredible foundation of love & support for Texas families and many other states. 

While the cure for childhood cancer remains elusive, our pursuit to find a cure and help families fight throught it, is our mission. 

Since 2012, Team JuCan has...

*Delivered more than 30,000 toys to the MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital

*Fulfilled the complete Christmas "wish lists" for 50+ families

*Provided travel assistance, parking chips, lodging, and food to families traveling to the Texsas Medical Center for Cancer Treatment. 

*Assisted in funeral expenses to families who have a lost a child to cancer

*Offered support groups to families in the aftermath of losing a child

*Conducted a 4,000 mile walk across America to bring awareness to underfunded childhood cancer

*Partnered with schools to hold walks, educate, and to raise money for cancer research


Join the Team JuCan movement....and help us help families in the cancer fight! JuCan do it! JuCan CURE IT!