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Judy Myers

Judy Myers
Redwood City, CA United States
Stuff About Me:


Judy Myers, International Youth Guru, TV Personality,celebrity and Silicon Valley Founder - CEO, Defies The Aging Process : Seven decades in, the universe's greatest all around female athlete is earning the sports world's greatest buzz again"

On May 29-May 31, 2015, Judy is being inducted into the College Sports Hall of Fame Museum, the lone female inductee, surrounded my superstar athletic coaches, in Atlanta, Georgia as the Greatest Female Athlete in the World, and still going strong with her recent wins in her Longest Drive Golf championships. she needs to raise $50,000.00

Most women excel in one, maybe two sports. However  she has been honored by doing more than throwing a curve ball, putting the ball through a hoop, who can run fast, swing hard, dance on roller skates, swim, play tennis, win bodybuilding and fitness contests, and jump high. She has competed and been a champion in all of them.


At age 28 she almost died when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer while a single mom with 2 children under the age of 5, abandoned  by her husband. She became the sole support of her small family. Early detection saved her life, but her days as a mother bearing more children, were cut short.

It was at this point she turned to God and promised to be a witness to others if she passed the 7 year mark of being cancer free.

At age 42 admitting that she had a drinking problem, she joined AA and never looked back. She has been clean and sober for 32 years. Judy discovered that total recovery from both health problems required a three pronged approach. (physical, mental and spiritual.  She has saved millions of lives through her books , and TV shows where she was the subject.

Her mission in her life was to help save lives by setting the example. Now, her final project is this documentary, of the athletic contests representing her personal challenges, as she weaves through all the sports she holds titles in. It will be very inspirational and entertaining. .   

At an age when most people would be collecting social security checks or cruising Costco for Centrum, confined to wheel chairs, pushing a transfusion tree, bed bound or in nursing homes, Judy is ready to go down in the Guinness Book of World Records, as the greatest all around female athlete on the planet . She is using this event to inspire, empower, entertain and educate the world  that a lifetime of a fit lifestyle can be a blast  forever.   

This dynamo has conquered  24 sports (i.e. soccer, tennis, swimming, golf, fitness and bodybuilding..etc.) in her life long pursuit of fitness and as an educator . She is known also as an accomplished dancer of hip-hop, jazz, swing, charelston, tap dancer (already in the 1999 Guinness Book of World Records for a tap dance routine) and the Jive.

Now she is going to prove to the world  via a  documentary of her personal journey. However, she cannot do it without your help.  Judy has produced many award winning documentaries and is a veteran writer,producer,director and host of over 200 30 minute tv shows. So she already has conquered the risks associated with her project. The biggest ostacle is rasing the $50,000 in a 30 day window.

Judy is  an international fitness celebrity  and author of  2 NY Times best selling books, She has three Internet Web TV shows, besides YOUTUBE, her own social media site,

She has had up to 3 million committed unique visitors  and always has a consistent amount of 2 million clicks a month  for her uboomerutv site.

Don't be sruprised if you see her challenge Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks owner in a basketball game of H.O.R.S.E. or do a breath taking roller dance routine as an opening act in Las Vegas....or even joining the Lakers girls in one of their dance routines.

"I have spent my entire life dedicated to competing and playing sports, promoting opportunities for girls/women in public school sports. I hold a current Lifetime California teaching credential in Physical and Health Education for the grades of Kindergarten through College level.. So this event/fundraiser is not an experiment".

Judy is living proof that age is no barrier to staying fit and competitive and is now ready to do what no other female athlete in the world has ever done or will do, regardless of the age barrier.

Judy’s lifetime of athletic achievements is the perfect time for this launch. Women can and have  identified with her throughout her rein as the greatest woman athlete of her generation.

During the production our donors will be invited to many of the athletic coontests. When the production has een completed, all the donors will e invited to a wrap party. Other rewards will be given to all the donors. Expect to have a blast!

Tentaviley, we plan to kick-off event  doing Gangnam style, CREATING A flash mob in front of Facebook headquarters, Google, Yahoo, and Stanford'S Main Quad. Judy will also do a similar event in Atlanta.We already have the music and dancers lined up, but everyone is invited for a meet up....flash mob style 

It would mean so much to us if you could donate to this important cause. Any donation is truly very appreciated. DONATE NOW -WE ONLY HAVE 30 DAYS TO RAISE THE FUNDS.





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