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Julies struggle with Eczema

Organized by: frank Cooper

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JULIE’S STRUGGLE WITH ECZEMA Anyone who has eczema knows the horrible debilitating pain associated with this disease. The severe burning and itching of painful inflamed skin with extreme endless scratching of open raw oozing sores which leaves one with skin that is encrusted and scarred. There is no real lasting relief for eczema sufferers with topical over the counter remedies or prescribed medicines. My name is Frank Cooper and I have been in the Personal Care Industry since 1978. After college I worked with cosmetic physicians and in the Pharmaceutical Industry as a Research Scientist developing products for all types of dermatitis conditions. I was afflicted with eczema when I was 18 and in the military while in the extreme hot, humid jungles of Vietnam. I have been suffering with this disease for 45 plus years. One night at 3:05 in the morning - I woke with a major flair-up on both of my hands. It was so painful I was on the verge of an anxiety attack. I wanted to smash my hands with a hammer. This was when I decided to do some very long intense research to end this unnecessary suffering. At the current time there isn’t any cure for eczema - However, through my research of 5 plus years, I have made a very positive breakthrough for eczema sufferers - as is proven by others as well as myself, who have used these two natural products with very effective results. (No drugs). I met little Julie who is pictured above with her mother, through a business client. When I first saw the child I was on the verge of tears (and I had seen a lot of suffering as a Vietnam Vet) - So I gave the unfinished product to the mother who applied it to her toddler’s skin. As the development of these two products are in the preliminary stages with ongoing research needed, I was hesitant, but the little girl was suffering so much, I felt I had no choice. HER MOTHER’S LETTER “My daughter’s Successful Eczema Treatment” My 2 year old daughter had a very severe case of eczema to the point she has it over 90% of her body. Most of the time we have to keep her in multi layers of cotton clothes and bamboo mittens to prevent her from scratching herself to the point where she is bleeding which has caused skin infections. This stressful condition caused her to scratch her hair out and she was not eating as she should. She has had eczema at this level since she was 4 months old. We tried oral steroid medicines as well as steroids for topical use as prescribed by Dermatologists. We also researched some eczema associations on line. We tried pharmacist’s recommendations and bought every different lotion in the store. Sometimes there were little improvements and then it would get worse. Nothing we tried helped. Frank gave me a sample of the eczema products that he made for himself to see if it would help improve my child’s condition as it had helped his. My husband and I were skeptical since nothing we tried had helped. We applied these two natural products 3 times a day and within 37 days, her skin looked similar to what a normal child’s skin should look like. I have recorded her treatments (application of the product) - and taken pictures showing her amazing improvement which took place in only 37 days. We are one hundred percent convinced that the product made the healing difference in her condition. Now at 2 and one half years old - she no longer wears layers of clothes. She sometimes still itches in her sleep, but not to the point where she wears mittens, she’s able to sleep all night. It has been a very long and painful battle which we thought we would never win - to see our daughter happy and not to find blood all over the house from her cuts is like having a completely new child who is not in pain, but happy and wants to play. The tears I have now are tears of joy. To know that there are people who even though you never previously met, are willing to help in every way possible and their payment is the joy of helping others. My family is forever grateful. Jenny Intercel Lab, (owner Frank Cooper) is a small company that spends 90 percent of its time in the research and development of Hypoallergenic, Therapeutic Personal Care Formulas. The type of research we do is for dermatitis (irritated skin problems) such as eczema, shingles, psoriasis, dry itchy skin, fungus, hair and fingernail loss due to chemotherapy, diabetic neuropathy and much more. The other 10 percent of our time is in manufacturing some of these products. Unfortunately we do not have any large marketing outlets to bring in the funds we need to sustain our research. If we could get enough donors to contribute whatever amount they can - it could make the difference for someone suffering with one or more of these dermatitis conditions. You or a loved one might even be one of them So I ask you to take another look at little Julie’s picture and ask yourself - if she were your child, just how far would you go to get help to end her 24/7 suffering? We are asking you to please help us continue our research. We welcome all donations no matter how small - Every bit helps. Thank you very much for your donations - helping us to help others, who are in desperate need of relief and healing from the affliction of the painful disease of eczema. We appreciate you taking your time to read this important information. Many thanks for your help. Frank Cooper (Intercel Lab).


Organized by

frank Cooper

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frank is still setting up this fundraiser so please check back so you can support Julies struggle with Eczema.

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