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Juneau's Get Well Fundraiser!

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Juneau is a wonderful husky dog who has had a lot of misfortune in life. He was rescued in July of 2013. Upon rescue they found this Husky had been hit by a car and needed hip surgery. By taking him to the vet they found a whole other list of problems. He was heart-worm positive and had a skin condition. Both of these were taken care of and he was ready for adoption. That is when we found him on Big Fluffy Dog where he stole our hearts instantly. We knew that his misfortune (long medical history) would make him less desirable for families that were ready to adopt a healthy dog, so we adopted him and within 2 weeks we found out he had another problem... Kidney Disease. Our hearts were broken knowing that their is not a cure for kidney disease but because he is only 2 1/2 years old his kidney disease is at a low risk and therefore we have him on a kidney diet and several medications. Once settled into his new home he became all too familiar with the underwear drawers, bathroom drawers and other no-no places for dogs to be. One afternoon while we left the room for 5 minutes Juneau made one big mistake that has cost us nearly $4000. He ate 2 socks and a washcloth. We didn't know that he had eaten anything at all until that evening he threw up his first sock, and then the next day another. We thought that he was doing throwing up different things until he also started throwing up his food. When we took him to the doctor they agreed that surgery was necessary. Upon further examination they agreed to release him because the object had "passed" to his colon and he was to be better in no time at all! Excited that we didn't have to follow through with the surgery we took him home and offered him food and water which he declined, and again the next day declined. Concerned again we took him to our nearby vet and they were afraid that the object had been in too long and that parts of his intestines had died. Unfortunately they could not do this kind of extensive surgery at the vet clinic so we took him back to the emergency animal hospital and they found that the object was still inside and that surgery was necessary to remove it and parts of his intestines.

After the surgery they informed us that they pulled out a long cloth that had been stuck in his stomach. Because so much time had elapsed in all of the confusion 26 inches of his small intestine had died and had to be removed. He is now in critical care and is overcoming probably one of the most painful, if not the most painful surgery he has had to go through in the many endeavors he has had to face. This fundraiser is to raise the money necessary to cover the costs of his misfortune and to insure a healthy and happy recovery. We love this dog so much but the cost of keeping him alive has taken a huge burden on us. Please help us help our little boy get better.

Some of you may not have met Juneau personally but those that have are easily put under his spell and smitten by his charm and positive energy. This dog has so more life to live, so lets keep this husky alive!



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