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Just Need a Little Help

Organized by: Brandi Andrews

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I am creating this fundraiser in hopes to help out a family in desperate need. Here's their story: My friend has a full-time family of six. She and her husband have 6 six kids between the two of them, 3 of which they have full-time. They also, support her mother, who, has no income and cannot work due to health and Medical issues, so she stays home and watches the children so they can work. They do not get state assistance because they are ineligible due to 'making too much money and having too many assets' (their cars being the only thing they own). She pays all the household bills with her checks, plus, now that her state assistance has been cut off, as of March, 2016, she has been responsible for paying the $1000+ monthly, out of pocket, on prescriptions for her children and her mother for medical issues, thus, leaving her about $40 to buy food, pay for gas, and any other basic life necessities they may need throughout the week. Her husband only brings home around $300 every two weeks due to his child support obligation for his 3 children being 70% of his monthly income. They have his 3 kids every other weekend and 4 weeks out of the summer. My friend does not receive child support from the father of her children on a regular basis and never has. The last payment that was made to her for child support was made in the amount of $5.69 in September, 2014. Pathetic, I know. Their children are ages 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, and 12 years old. They've always wanted to get family pictures, but can't even afford to have those done. They both work hard and would never and have never asked for handouts or help due to being very prideful people, but, this is where I have to step in. They are both the kind of people who would help anyone out and give them the shirt off their backs. They always try to help out in their community with various things, ranging from, local sports events and fundraisers to coaching the special olympics. They are both great parents and always have, what seems like, every kid in the neighborhood over, playing at their house. Her husband just got back to work after 3 months of being off, due to having a second surgery done for a work related injury. While off on workmen's comp, he only brought home $197 a week, while the other $385 went to his children's mother for child support. They have been in and out of court trying to get his support lowered for the past 2 years and their pleas with the judge seem to fall on deaf ears. So, on top of the thousands they now owe to a family law attorney, her husband is falling further behind in his child support arrears, simply, because his monthly support obligation is 70% of his income, which is, higher than the Federal law states, that an employer can withhold from someone's earnings, the max being 65%. This past week, one of the two cars they had broke down and is not repairable, due to a broken CV axle and a broken A-frame. So, those family days to the park are now over, being as, the car they have now only seats 5 people and they have 6 kids, plus the two of them. They try to find fun free things to do with the children because they don't want the kids to be stuck at home all the time due to their lack of funds. They have never been on a family vacation, they have never had family portraits taken, they have never been able to take their kids to amusement parks, and this year, it seems like they might even miss out on going to the county fair. Although, they were already struggling, this latest event seems to only have set them back a little further. They both go without eating some days just so their kids can have a hot meal. They are very selfless people. They go without to make sure their kids don't have to. For example, my friend has one pair of jeans that fit her that she wears and her husband has one pair of socks and those have a hole in them. The sole on her husbands work boots is broken and you can see his foot through the bottom of his boot. They, simply, cannot afford to go buy him a pair of nice durable work boots, in fear the kids won't be able to eat or the bills may go unpaid. I am trying to raise this amazing family money to help alleviate some financial stress. I would like to raise enough money to allow them to buy a new family vehicle, stock their cupboards with groceries, help with school clothes for this upcoming school year, help with their bills that are slowly falling behind and their prescription cost that is slowly piling up, and, if enough money is raised, I would love to see them be able to, not only, get some family pictures taken, but, also, take a family trip somewhere.


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