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 Just Cause Dancers, Inc was established to entertain through various forms of dance, and illuminating emotions that cause positivity and excitement. Just Cause Dance, Inc. is a non-profit organization that aides in the belief that dance diversifies the human race and provides an outlet of expression including many cultural and diverse arts.

Johanna Cousin developed Just Cause Dancers Inc. April 7, 2006. It was started as an outlet for young girls and boys to express themselves through dance and perform in a structured, controlled and fun environment. Now it has turned into a program for ages 3 and up promoting education and achievement through the medium of dance. As a teacher Johanna noticed the stereotypes and false interpretations of dancing that existed in the minds of children. These stereotypes lead to the development of Just Cause Dancers Inc. in order to guide children in the right direction and really appreciate dance as an art.
Just Cause Dancers Inc. strives to use dance as a tool to teach and train the art of dancing while also teaching children and adults dance techniques, as well as confidence, and self-esteem.This dance program provides opportunities in art, culture, and academics to youth and families in Berwyn, Oak Park, and across Chicago. Just Cause Dancers, Inc is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. All tax-deductible donations received in support of our mission are utilized to strengthen our family of participants by professionally managing and expanding our programs.