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Justice for abusing the happy pooch

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By now every animal lover or someone remotely humane would have heard about the Missouri State quarterback who was ticketed with animal cruelty charge recently. Breck Ruddick was charged with beating the happy pooch Australian sheepdog by the name of Luca, and as if they was not enough, he then let poor animal loose in spite of its injuries.

The story began when Ruddick's friend, Kaitlyn, requested him to pet sit her dog, Luca, a smiley faced Australian sheepdog sometimes known as the happy pooch in the neighborhood. Ruddick broke the trust his friend had in him and beat the animal, and shooed it off the house after injuring the dog. Only when Kaitlyn come back did he told her that “Luca had escaped”. Frantic, Kaitlyn searched everywhere but to no avail. Finally a passerby noted an injured dog in the park and called Kaitlyn based on the posters she'd put up. She was shocked to find Luca seriously injured, jaws mangled and teeth broken.

Ruddick admitted to beating the dog and letting it go, but when he was ticketed for animal cruelty, he denied the charges. His lawyer backed him up, saying he was a kind young man with a bright future. I for one, disagree, for someone who is kind would never do what he did to a poor dog who would never hurt a fly.

Today, Luca is recuperating after her surgery but the vet has revealed that she would never be able to consume solid food again. Ruddick has rendered her an invalid, and justice is not being served fairly.

I would like to call for support from all animal lovers to please urge for justice to be served. The ASPCA is an organization we can count on to ensure swift action is being served. Please support them and see to it that animal abusers do not get away with a mere slap on the wrist.

Thank you for your support.



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