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Justice for Rhudi up against the wall

Organized by: Rhudi Eagle

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For over 30 years I am trying to seek justice for me in family court against my husband who never paid alimony or child support I was never able to afford a lawyer or to collect on the money that my husband owed me on child support and alimony the lawyer that I hired miss represented me he broke his fiduciary promises miss guided me in seeking justice and is now and has always been representing my husband in the courts when I got a divorce there was never a discovery on what my husband was worth at that time and now my husband was supposed to pay for health insurance and out-of-pocket expenses that I had my husband staged a custody hearing when my child was eight years old I have a certified letter from Family Court saying that the trial or any court hearing never existed my child was taken away from me on the false pretense so been wouldn't pay child support at the age of 17 he kicked my child out of the house thank G-D that I was able to take Child back I was on welfare section 8 food stamps but I never reported my daughter to collect more money I because the lawyer cause me to seek government assistance in order to survive and maintain my family for over 30 years I've been going to family court to seek justice just recently I found out that the family court has no jurisdiction over what I am asking for I am asking for what is mine that all this time I should've been in the Supreme Court my husband and his lawyer had set me up which made it impossible for me to hire a lawyer to seek justice for me and my family I also want to sue the state of New York because they did not at all informed me that I have been in the wrong court seeking justice for me I want to sue the lawyer for $50 million I want to sue my husband for $25 million and I also want to sue the state of New York for $100 million I have enough proof and information but I do need to research and put this together but it's difficult for me because I am dyslexic and have a hard time expressing myself and getting my points of cross I am doing this for women and those who are dyslexic because of being dyslexic it's very hard but dyslexic don't give up on trying to get justice for themselves and this is for women who really have been screwed in family court and in divorce courts husband who have a lot of money and can hire a top lawyer to screw their wives it is the fact that when a woman gets divorce most likely she will end up on poverty because of the injustice that goes on in Family Court towards women it is a myth and a discredit towards women who seek divorce from their cheating husbands it's a discredit towards women when the media social network says that women take their husbands to the cleaners wiped the floor with them Women have to take care of their children provide a home and security while the man goes around screwing around fooling around cheating lying and depriving their children of financial security and wife If I win all these court cases this would be a landmark for women to fight and be proud and stand up in Family Court in court for justice and not be ashamed that they're asking for money so that they can provide for their children and themselves I am asking for $50,000 so that I can work on this case now that I'm older have a better understanding I believe that I can win justice for me and show others women how to stand up and fight and be proud of being a woman in a Family Court and divorce court ordinary women being every day hero I have been working very hard I've been going to the law library and trying to build a case against I believe in time I do have an excellent case against but I do need money for my research and putting this case together because I'm doing it all by myself being dyslexic I am seeking justice for Rhudi I'm up against the wall but I'm not afraid now to stand up for myself and others will benefit for sure



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Rhudi Eagle

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As a woman going through somewhat the same thing I support Rhudi I wish I can do more to get her justice You go girl don't stop until you win win ð 2 years ago

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