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Justice for Brian

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There are innocent people in prison, and my client Brian is one of them. He has served 14 years for a crime he did not commit and needs your help to have his sentence overturned. I need your help to get him home.

In 1998 a group of drug dealers were at war. They would wait for another dealer to receive a delivery, and soon after they would rob him at gunpoint. One night, they crossed the line into murder, killing a dealer with a shot to the head.

Five miles away, Brian and his friend watched police cars respond to the shooting. When they heard the next day what happened, my client knew exactly where he was and never thought he would be arrested. Yet, two years later he was sentenced to 45 years with no physical evidence, no circumstantial evidence, just the testimony of 4 people, all drug users, who testified he told them he did it.

While he was a drug user he had never committed a violent crime in his life. He was only guilty of being high and running his mouth to impress others. He was the perfect patsy for the prosecutor.

His friend was afraid of being charged too, and instead of testifying to where they were and backing up Brian he pled the 5th. That was it, his alibi was gone, and the jury convicted him at the age of 36 to 45 years in prison. Justice in this case, was blind.

I'm Suzanne McComas, a private investigator, who has worked for 20 years trying to make what once went wrong, right for people like Brian. I will not take money for sentencing advocacy cases, this work is completely pro bono. 100% of donations will go to polygraph costs, travel to interview witnesses, and expert testimony fees. I believe in this case, and I know I can win it!

His real name is confidential, and has been changed for the purposes of fundraising as I am still in the process of interviewing witnesses. Please go to my website and read about my work.

I do not take cases unless the inmate is worthy of my time. Brian is a good man caught in a horrible situation. His son and family would love to see him home. Anything you can give can help justice to be served! Thank you!

Suzanne McComas



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