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I am Deneale. It started off as CyberBullying when I would no longer give my so called online friend, no more of our money. Because she knew where I lived & my phone number, & all of my family details, it became terror online & off. I tried to get an injunction in Brevard a County FL. It was denied because the Judge proclaimed I could not proved whom was behind the monitor. She in turn mimicked me, as she always does, and proceeded to try to get an injunction in Sarasota FL. It to was denied for the very same reasons. I tried again in Brevard, only to be denied again. So this time, she was clever & used her neighboring County & a fraudulent address (as proven by the Judge as well as the Post Master General!) & she gets an injunction granted under false pretenses of a fraudulent address & a phony application proving religiously that I have texted her. Lucky for me, she posted the texts, because I contacted my carrier & had them publish a list of all my calls & texts. But that didn't matter. She had a temporary injunction granted, therefore while she pretends more is happening, I am of course getting into trouble & she is posting boohoo videos on YouTube. An Ex~Marine whom has hands that are licensed weapons is crying about a crippled woman w/a hip replacement, knee replacement, heart condition, thyroid condition, hypoglycemia, a pin in her ankle, bursitis, rheumatoid arthritis, & more; but she's pretending to be scared of me?! Right.... So at the Injunction hearing, we get called to the Court room, sit down, she flips me the bird in front of the Judge & smiles. He swears us in, & she flips me off again & the Judge asks her to speak. She says: "she's already violated the temporary injunction. What good does it do?!" He doesn't let me speak, grants the injunction, sends her out of the room, and they cuff me. Guilty until proven innocent! She told the cops my husband has no drivers license & insurance, so they held him up for hours running his ID & stuff too. He has a CDL & literally drives for NASA his DL is always current & our car insurance is always paid! This is one vindictive trouble maker! I've NEVER been in jail. It was the worst. My reputation is ruined. My life. I'm SO scared! The ONLY thing I EVER did wrong was give this woman money, believe her lies of dying a Cancerous death, which I later found to be untrue compliments of CrimeLine. I edited her book for her, which she was supposed to pay me for, repaying the borrowed money, plus a profit, later to find out it was stolen from Harlequin Romance! Eventually I learned she has 4 aliases, also Criminals, she runs all kinds of businesses online including selling art work, T~Shirts, and other businesses too, gets grants, donations (like her breast implants~she pretended she had a mastectomy then had people donate $ for boobs! Yes they did!!) I ended up borrowing $ from my Son & DIL who in turn borrowed it from their Uncle, whom is sick & in the Hospital & needs paid back for bail! Then I ended up getting a loan on 1 of our vehicles for our Attorney fees! I'm not usually a beggar. But I want to pay my Sons relative back AND I want #JusticeForDeneale! I should NOT have had to put up with this for over two years. Not to mention, she technically owes me $ for the book I edited, which I did send her a PayPal bill for! I'm done being soft hearted! I want #JusticeForDeneale! I feel I deserve better then this, my rightful day in Court, where NO ONE but myself, can choose when it ends! I want MY revenge through the Justice System! Legally & rightfully! I took Criminal Justice, & I want to prove, Justice will prevail! Can you help me? Blocking & deleting doesn't help. She has SO many screen names it's pathetic! Please help! It's time!



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