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We spent almost 19 years raising our only child with great passion and support. We taught him right from wrong early on in his life and he quickly became our pride and joy! He was extremely intelligent beyond his years and he could play 4-5 different musical instruments and even wrote his own music. He was a Honor Student throughout all of his educational years and all of his teachers thoroughly enjoyed his presence. He still had all of his friends from kindergarten through his High School Graduation. Their own parents even thought of our son as one of their own children. He was extremely kind and compassionate and he would help anybody for any reason, and he would do it without any praise or reward. He wouldn't have it any other way. Never in a million years did we ever think that we would be forced to live the rest of our lives without him due to a tragic accident of no fault of his own. When I first learned of this I was in total shock and had no idea how to function or act. When I finally got home to tell his mother the God Awful news, my legs felt like tree trunks and it felt like I had a huge knot in my throat. She immediately knew something was wrong and once I told her what had happened, I could literally see her life being sucked out of her soul. It haunts me to this very day and likely will forever.
We have not been able to return work due to Acute Grief and Anxiety and Major Depression. We also battle what they call Legal Abuse Syndrome as well. I have worked nearly 35 years in the construction industry as a Certified Pipe Welder for 17 years and more than 18 years as a Sr. Superintendent. His mother worked for nearly 24 years with our local County working with adult mentally and physically challenged. So hard work and dedication is something that we are very familiar with or at least used to be familiar with I should say. After this happened we knew that we had to seek out a Professional Psychologist and Professional Grief Counselor. We were clearly broken and totally incapacitated from the trauma placed upon us. So for well over a year we visited these folks very often at first, and then on a monthly basis after that. We now see our Grief Counselor every other month. We have not only lost our only child, we have lost our careers, our health and medical insurance, and we have lost almost $750,000.00 in wages and over $150,000.00 in investments. We are now in jeopardy of losing our house that we have been in for 24 years amongst everything else that goes along with the territory. We have never missed or been late on a mortgage payment, nor any other payment and soon our credit and entire livelihood may be gone.
We can't handle anymore devastation or tragedies in our lives. It's hard to imagine what we have gone through throughout this horrific ordeal. Our child did nothing to deserve this and neither did we, yet we pay the ULTIMATE PRICE. We currently have a wrongful death suit filed in which we initially filed Pro Se meaning that we filed this complaint on our own against the wrongdoers. His death did not have to happen and could have been avoided and the defendants involved knows this. Their Liability Insurance Carrier knows very well that we are a nuisance to them. They are experts at this and it's a game they play. We call this "Death By Delay". They are willing to pay you to go away, but what they are willing to pay is nothing but an insult to us. All the money in the world could not take place of our only child's life. So they wait you out in hopes that you go broke and get desperate and simply settle for a little bit of nothing and they, in return, admit to no wrong doing or fault and they win. It is our intentions to hold these individuals fully accountable in a court of law and the jury can decide what price they should pay for the death of our only child.
Our lives have been wrecked and we were soon looking forward to retirement. We have always been very honest and hard working people and enjoyed life to the fullest. We always thought that we had the perfect family up until the death of our son. Now the most important thing to us is to seek JUSTICE for our deceased son and to be his voice throughout. For those of you who have lost a child, then no explanations needed. For those of you who haven't lost any children, please allow me to explain a few things that comes with that loss. Our child was getting ready for College where he was going to study Computer Science, Art and Music. So what we were looking forward too, was his College Graduation, him working to make a life on his own, and most likely marriage and eventually children of his own as well. So we will miss out on all of those dreams, as will he!! We also will not be going on any more vacations that we used to enjoy a couple times per year either. There will be no more Happy Halloween which was actually his favorite holiday and my birthday. There will be no more Happy Thanksgivings, no more Merry Christmas, no more Happy New Years, No more Happy Easter, no more Happy Birthdays, and certainly no more Happy Mothers or Fathers Days either. There will be no more happy joyful photos taken of him or us with him either. There will be no more evening dinners or movies or joke telling or any other wonderful settings that we use to enjoy so very much. That is what we have been dealt and have to live with for the rest of our lives, simply due to the defendants negligence. Now these defendants still get to enjoy the things that we have been robbed of and they robbed our son's future as well. We have not had a good nights sleep since that terrible day. I'm sure none of the defendants can say that.
His mother is the kind of mother every child should have. She was always full of happiness and joy, and definitely proud to be his mother at all times. She used to always smile and now it is rare to see her smile. To have to wake up every morning and see her broken and have to suffer like she does is absolutely gut-wrenching! To see her stare at his pictures, and to smell his pillow or clothes, or to simply say that she wishes she could simply hear his voice or at least had a chance to say good-bye is almost unfathomable. To drive by the place where this terrible accident took place is a constant reminder of our future and an instant pain to our hearts.
We have unfortunately lost touch with family members and friends because of our grief and our situation. They somehow think that they are the victims because we don't feel like laughing, and having fun, or want to pass out gifts to everybody else and their children. We could only wish to have their nice comfortable world. Those are the things that we have been dealt through no fault of our own. Some of our family members and friends think we should get over it or tell us to move on. That sounds simple for the ones who haven't lost their child doesn't it? They believe since they got over the loss of our only child, then we should have gotten over it as well. FYI, that will never ever happen. Parents should never have to attend their children's funerals. So the timing is way out of sync, for anybody who wonders what our problem is and boy do we have a big one!! Every single day is a struggle and now even more so due to our situation.
We have never asked for help for anything whatsoever. As a matter of fact, we were the ones who always helped everybody else because we were able too and it was the right thing to do, and we never expected anything from it. Unfortunately now is much different and we desperately need a hand up for the first time in our lives!!
If you are willing or capable of helping us, I wish to thank you in advance. If you are unable to help us at this time, possibly you can say a little prayer for us and we thank you very much for that as well. Our future is grim, but it is extremely important to us to remain vigilant in our pursuit of JUSTICE!!! Please help if you can and God Bless You all. Words of advice, tell your children that you love them each and everyday. We always did. One day I plan on writing a book to better help other folks who may be suffering from the loss of their child. Please feel free to share with your family and friends if you care!

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