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The dream of one person. The desire to change the outcome. The undying love for animals, and the burning passion to never stop. k9.5 Rescue was established in 2004 to aid canines often overlooked: Great Pyrenees, other giant breeds, seniors and special needs dogs. 

Small but mighty, we strive daily to grow...but we need your help. Reaching our goal would diminish our veterinary debt. It would allow us to work toward other long term goals. It would help us prevent the euthanasia of many animals. It would allow us to properly care for the ones in both our rescue and sanctuary. We could prosper and benefit more canines in need. 

We've saved and rehomed Pit Bulls in wheelchairs. We've helped fearful dogs come to life. We've taken in dogs on death's bed and watched them thrive. We place senior dogs in magnificant homes where they lived far past their supposed prime. 

We don't give up on these animals because they have an extra need. We don't toss them aside because they've been in our care too long. We let them know they are safe and loved, and we make sure that safety and love lasts forever, in both adoptive homes and our sanctuary.

Please be a part of this rewarding work and feel the joy come to life. Your contributions are never forgotten and always appreciated beyond expressive means. 




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