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My son, Kaaden Avery Grant was blessed upon us; Kevin & Jolene Grant. October 5th 2002, after 40 hours of intense labor and 3 ½ hours of pushing. Kaaden was stuck in birth canal and was delivered via C-section at 9 lbs. 2 oz. and 23 ½ inches long. Even though, his big presence was beautiful to the sight. Kaaden endured over 2 weeks of NICCU, with pneumonia, switching back in forth between lungs, jaundice and air way complications. He pulled through the medications and procedures as if he was a soldier. It was then I knew that he was a special child of God, and that we were so lucky to have him placed in our life.
We took Kaaden home and gave him all the love we could. He surprised us daily with his first tooth at 7 weeks, rolling over at 3 months and walking at 7 months. Yes, it was defiantly a sight to be hold, as he stood at our front screen door shoulder to shoulder with our 5-year-old miniature pinture, Sawyer bean. Kaaden was never an easily frustrated toddler; he just smiled and tried again to master the tasks at hand. Like learning to run, ride a tricycle or sledding in snow.

Kaaden’s first hospital stay was at a year old with RSV, next was Hand, Foot & Mouth disease. Which was caught at a daycare, now knowing that then Kaaden had a lower immune system, which made him very vulnerable to colds and illnesses. He has had multiple surgeries for dental all before 3 ½ years of age. Kaaden’s sinuses were always sending us in for rounds of antibiotics. We continued to seek assistance after our move from Cedar Falls, IA to Vero Beach, FL, to be closer to my husband’s family who relocated from Ft. Lauderdale. We loved the quiet, small town feel of Vero Beach and wanted an area to raise or son, Kaaden and daughter, Kennedy in a community that resembled our close-knit community in Iowa.

After locating, the one and only pediatric doctor in the Indian River County, who would accept our insurance & give our children the sincere care our children deserved. We hit the jackpot, we found Dr. Kimberley Graziano of Pelican Pediatrics in Sebastian, Fl. She treated Kaaden multiple times for tonsillitis and sinus infections. She referred us to a doctor she had heard was outstanding with children in Vero Beach, Dr. Baggett of the Ear, Nose & Throat practice. She was right; Dr. Baggett was amazing and kind. It was after a T&A removal that Kaaden still continued to struggle with same symptoms and send him for a CAT scan and was put on a strong antibiotics for 21 days, with a repeat CAT scan to review if it was helpful. Kaaden could not breath out of his nose, which made sleeping difficult, he was still completely compacted. We were then referred to a pediatric specialist in Orlando, who suggested Kaaden might have cystic fibrosis. That was a shock, how do we go from sinus infection to this. After testing and retesting, Kaaden was confirmed not to have cystic fibrosis. Thank you dear Lord.

Kaaden over the next 4 years from age 4 to present he has been through multiple procedures, sleep studies, surgeries and doctor’s appts. From Orlando to Miami, we have searched for the right doctors for our son. He has insomnia from sleep apnea, sleep apnea from chronic sinusitis and allergies. Chronic sinusitis from chronic acid reflux from a condition that does not allow his stomach muscle to close. So his acid content backs up into his esophagus and allows bacteria to form up in sinuses. He endures flare-ups of eczema, newly diagnosed with Iron Deficiency and asthma. Kaaden had a procedure last June that he had a severe reaction to that had him flown by helicopter from Vero Beach Hospital to St. Mary’s in West Palm Beach. That might have been the scariest night, as he stopped breathing and looked at me, his mommy to help him. I could not, I had to step back and let doctors do their best. It was by the grace of God, that I was allowed to ride in the helicopter with my son. I prayed as we flew that he was okay in the back, I could not hear or see him. But, I was there in the helicopter. He was hooked up for the next 24 hours to a breathing machine. He was saved, again and recovered with a smile on his face.

Kaaden takes multiple medications in the morning, with a follow up regimen at night, with nasal medications as well for allergies and his asthma inhaler. He then will get into bed and becomes hooked up to an oxygen machine, with a humidifier to allow him to intake air. Other wise he struggles for hours to fall asleep because his brain will wake up when his oxygen intake becomes so low. The oxygen has helped Kaaden so much over the past year. Thank you Dr. Malice for listening to our family and prescribing the oxygen for Kaaden.

On top of all medical issues for Kaaden, we began to notice him regressing in school. He would learn the alphabet and phonics only to forget the next day. With Dr. Malice we began our journey to Pedicatric Audiologist at Arnold Palmers Children’s Hospital in Orlando. He had over a 2-hour hearing test. Which resulted in Central Auditory Processing Disorder, CAPD. We also, had an 8-hour pshycoevelauation done by his Psychologist/Consoler Dr. Gold at the University of Florida. Which, revealed Kaaden also, had mild depression and mild dyslexia.
Each and every Doctor has suggested a certain teaching method for Kaaden and his conditions, which is the LindaMood Bell learning system. The learning system is so exclusive, the only school we found in Florida was in Weston and two in Miami Beach area. The school cost $100 dollars an hour and they do intensive 5 days a week for a minimum 2 hours a day up to 5 hours a day. We also had to pay for housing in Miami. That made it out of reach for our family. As our adventure into the world of education for a child with special needs began. We found it amazingly difficult to find the correct tutor or school for Kaaden.

That brings us to the connection we made with Liz Woody and The learning Alliance. She has proven to us in the first 5 minutes with our meeting, that she could and would help Kaaden. To read, comprehend and succeed in life. We as a family, with one working parent; my husband lost his job three years ago at The Press Journal when they outsourced the graphic design. He has stayed at home with our children and freelances work when it is available. He works with Kaaden intensely every night and weekend to help him just get by in his class. We know that Liz Woody is the answer to our son’s progression with his disabilities. We prayed for a solution for Kaaden’s learning challenges and we were presented with Liz Woody. Now, we pray for a way to financially attain this goal. Kaaden’s monthly education cost is $600. We are working hard as parents to provide for his needs, but we know we cannot achieve the goal without asking for help.

GIVING KAADEN A CHANCE is a movement we hope all will come out and support as we work towards educating Kaaden the right way to give him the best life he can have.



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