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Kailua Church of the Nazarene

As part of our Churches mission: "To share God's grace at anytime to anyone, in anyway", the Kailua Church plans to send out TWO Mission Teams this summer to Peru and to Madagascar.

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The 1st Trip takes place from July 15-30 with our Work & Witness Volunteers headed to the Amazon Jungle of Northern Peru where they will be ministering to the Aguaruna and Huambisa Tribes.  The Team will participate in the refurbishing of  several village Churches in need of repair and will assist in hosting a Pastor's Conference for over 200 pastors. The Team will provide both books and kitchen cookware to assist each of the pastoral families as they minister in their respective communities along the Maranon River.

The 2nd Team of Volunteers will spend the 1st two weeks of August taking the Jesus Film to remote communities on the Island Nation of Madagascar off the mainland of Africa.  Using small motor bikes the Team will carry solar powered eqauipment to show the Jesus Film to communities where it is most likely that the story of Jesus has never been told.

The cost per person for the trip to Peru is $2500. and for the trip to Madagascar, $4500.  Funds donated from the HAPALUA Fund raiser will be used to purchase a $1500. portable Jesus Film Backpack which features a solar powered projector; and to purchase $1500. worth of books and cooking supplies for Pastors in Peru.  Additional funds will assist each of our volunteer missionaries towards their travel expenses.