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The Kalamazoo Children’s Chorus’ mission is to provide an opportunity for children to learn and perform in an atmosphere of artistic excellence, and by so doing, enrich the artistic life of the community. Tax ID 38-2599280


Your donation to the Kalamazoo Children's Chorus supports a program that composer and conductor Z. Randall Stroope says is "Among the top 5% of children's choruses in North America."

Did you know that children who participate in choir are more likely to earn A's in English and Math (Chorus Impact Study, 2009)? By supporting KCC you support an excellent music program that helps kids do better in school and doesn't cost their parents a fortune. And because KCC believes that no child should be prevented from singing because of money, KCC offers generous scholarships that are easy to get.

Your donation supports programs like the Eastside Neighborhood Choir and an early education Spanish Choir starting in the fall of 2016.  The Eastside Choir is a completely free neighborhood choir for kids ages 8-12 who live on the east side of Kalamazoo.  This choir offers a creative outlet for children and residents living in an area that doesn't have local access to any other arts organizations. For the kids, the Eastside Choir provides a positive, educational alternative to hanging out on the street.  The Spanish immersion choir will introduce Spanish language music lessons to younger children to develop early language skills and aptitude.   

Your donation will also help support some big goals too - like working to eliminate racism.  Your donation during the Art Van Charity Challenge will support the first of several weeklong summer choir camps starting in 2017.  KCC will bring all five KCC choirs together with the common goal to make magical music together with an opportunity to work social magic for our community with an open, honest, and age-appropriate dialog about race and equality.   KCC is partnering with other organizations working to eliminate racism because KCC believes that Musical Harmony = Social Harmony.

The Kalamazoo Children's Chorus has provided world-class choral education since 1980 for all children from all walks of life in grades 3 to 12.  The magic starts with the audition and carries on through a lifetime of singing for fun.  Many KCC alumni pursue careers in music education, professional opera, musical theatre on Broadway or at regional theatres throughout the country.  But no matter what their career path - from astronomer to zookeeper - KCC kids can be found making music and singing with joy in local choirs across the country.

The #MyKccStory campaign gives KCC alumni an opportunity to share their KCC experience online:

"KCC got me singing, made me realize I had a gift to share.  KCC is great," Blake Whyte, Broadway performer, recording artist and KCC alum, shares his #MyKccStory.

"In a time when I struggled the hardest to find my voice, this amazing group of people was there to lift it out of me." Thank you Mallori Taylor for sharing your ‪#‎MyKccStory

At KCC, we believe that all children deserve access to high quality singing experiences and we are committed to promoting choral singing as a life-long activity.  We envision a future where choral singing is considered a vital part of the fabric of our community and where we provide a bridge to cultural understanding through music. Most of all, We Thank You for your financial support during the Art Van Charity Challenge - where your contribution, no matter how big or how small, has the power to leverage so much more.

  • Your donation of $10 will purchase sheet music for up to four singers.
  • Your donation of $15 will purchase a season t-shirt and music tote bag for a singer.
  • Your donation of $50 will puchase up to 10 informal uniform t-shirts or travel choir t-shirts.
  • Your donation of $100 will purchase a formal uniform for one boy.
  • Your donation of $125 will purchase a formal uniform for one girl or 8-weeks of music lessons for a young singer in KCC’s Spanish Choir.
  • Your donation of $150 will cover the cost of one week of  Musical Harmony = Social Harmony Choir Camp to help eliminate racism.
  • Your donation of $350 will sponsor an entire choir for a full year.
  • Your donation of $400 will pay for a child, age 8-12, to sing with KCC for one year with 60-90 minute weekly choir rehearsals plus 3-4 performances.
  • Your donation of $450 will pay for a child, age 13-18, to sing with KCC for one year with 90 minute weekly choir rehearsals plus 4-6 performances.
  • Your donation of $600 will pay for an Eastside Choir Concert and rehearsal space rental for the season.
  • Your donation of $1,200 will support a concert at Chenery Auditorium.
  • Your donation of $6,500 will cover scholarship needs for an entire concert season, allowing 40+ youngesters to experience the pride and joy of singing in a professional children's choir.
  • Your donation of $10,000 will support an overseas concert tour for children whose families can’t afford to travel.  KCC is working to send every member of the Touring Choir to Beijing, China in 2018.  Starting this fall and in preperation for the trip, KCC kids will begin taking monthly Chinese culture classes with the Confuses Institute at Western Michigan University.