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Janet Littlejohn's Fundraiser:

Kaleidoscope Charter High School - Forwarding 21st-Century Student-Centered Education

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BENEFITING: Kaleidoscope Art and Technology Charter High School

EVENT DATE: Sep 17, 2016

Janet Littlejohn


Our story began over 5 years ago, when parent, artist and architect, Lara Visser asked parent, project manager and educator, Janet Littlejohn if she wanted to help create a "student-centered" (think Montessori) high school in Morrisville. 


What a GREAT IDEA!   We knew many youth wanted a smaller community school, where they would have a more engaging educational experience.  We continue to see these changes to traditional education and we're excited to see success!  Youth are excited to have more hands-on, project/problem-based learning opportunities.  More innovation in education is needed in our towns, states and around the world.

Lara enlisted the support of the current Mayor of Morrisville, Mark Stohlman

the first female Mayor of Morrisville, Margaret Broadwell and various education, corporate and entrepreneurial experts to join our Executive and Advisory Boards 

to create Kaleidoscope Art and Technology Charter High School.   

After our first charter application submission, where we were focusing on a very creative technologically advanced mission, we may have been a little limiting.  So we shifted the focus to "student-centered" teaching and learning techniques 

(still including the arts and technology - more than just STEM or STEAM.  We will be "following the student" in their interests and aspirations - just like the Montessori philosophy) with time-tested learning techniques to effectively engage youth.  

So we renamed our school to "Kaleidoscope Charter High School."   

Here is our web site  - you can donate directly there or on this Crowdrise campaign!  

Why Kaleidoscope?  The kaleidoscope viewing devices are innovative, dynamic, engaging and so much fun!   The way learning should always be!

Welcome to our PHASE 1 Crowdfunding with CrowdRise.  

If you have received this fundraising campaign....we know you support us 

and we're asking you to help us spread the word about our school project - 

we are very close to opening in August, 2019 and from what we have heard from the Charter School Advisory Board (CSAB) - yes we will open.  

We want to be a "model" charter high we have been fine-tuning our charter...we believe, will be our last submission to the CSAB!  

PHASE 1 consists of raising money for working capital:

a)  for keeping our project running;

b)  pay for fees for (hopefully our last) resubmission to the CSAB;

c)  raise money for a down payment for a 8 acre piece of land in Morrisville, North Carolina; 

We need a down-payment on land and to lease a property while our innovative high school facility is being built to house our final total of 550 - 600 students.  

Our first year we will serving 220 (9th and 10th grade) youth from around the Triangle  within Morrisville, NC -  AUGUST, 2019.   

We have a piece of land available, equaling 8+ acres in Morrisville.  

Now we need your help!  

Our website is

We believe youth are our future and education can insure a creative and advancing society. We hope you agree with us! Kaleidoscope Charter High School will be the first high school in Morrisville.

With your help, we will be able to open our non-profit school, August, 2019.  

We are committed to educating youth, they ways they want to be taught - empowering them to be the near-future's scientists, artists, programmers, inventors, robotics engineers, entrepreneurs, performers, mathematicians, , leaders, electrical and structural engineers, and business-people.

With your help - we will make it so! 

We are a group of dedicated educators, business-people and parents who are determined to create a 21st-Century High School in Morrisville, a diverse, and growing community besides Research Triangle Park in the Triangle of North Carolina. Our school will embrace innovative and "Student-Centered" teaching techniques, giving youth more ownership of their education. Instead of "talking head" teaching - just doing direct instruction, our expert "student-centered" educators and adjunct instructors from our community, will engage, empower and follow youth as they use learning techniques such as layered/blended curriculum, team-building project-based and problem-based learning and advanced by the arts and technology. 

Thank you for your support!



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