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Kansas City Artists Coalition

Kansas City Artists Coalition
CROWDRISE : Oct 06, 2017
Tax ID: 51-0168227
BASED: Kansas City, MO, United States


KCAC supports visual art

KCAC promotes artists and arts understanding through exhibitions, artists talks, publications, and artistic exchange programs including the Residency at the Artists Coalition.


The Kansas City Artists Coalition is a nonprofit organization that promotes visual arts awareness in Kansas City and the surrounding region, and supports the professional growth of artists.

Our Goals

  • foster a climate encouraging innovation and creativity
  • utilize the initiative and creativity of artists for the collective benefit
  • provide a forum for contemporary art through our galleries and publications
  • champion the viability of Kansas City as a place for artists to live and work
  • spread the word about the vitality of the arts in Kansas City and the region
  • encourage artists to go forward with their ambitious and innovative ideas
  • support artists’ work through exhibitions, publications, workshops and grants
  • promote the exchange of ideas among peers  across the US and the world

Tax ID: 51-0168227 •


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