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Kansas Casa Association

“Everyday citizens who volunteer to help abused and neglected children find safe permanent homes.”

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Your local CASA program offers a volunteer opportunity like no other. CASA volunteers are empowered to make a lifelong difference in the lives of abused and neglected children.


Our volunteers are an amazing force for good, but we need more of them. Our vision is that every child who needs a volunteer will have one. With your help, we can reach that goal.


Kansas CASA Association

The Kansas CASA Association is a network of 23 community-based programs that recruit, train and support citizen-volunteers to advocate for the best interests of abused and neglected children in courtrooms.  The Kansas CASA Association (KCA) was     incorporated in 1991 to promote and support the development, growth and continuation of      local CASA programs to increase the number of trained volunteers to  advocate for abused and neglected children in the Kansas court system.  

Kansas CASA provides an array of services to local programs.  Growth of the Association has benefited local programs in many ways including:


Technical Assistance:

We offer extensive technical assistance to help programs serve more children more effectively and provide guidance and tools to assist with quality program management. 



Kansas CASA provides annual training for CASA directors as well as training   specific to local program boards.


Volunteer Recruitment and Public Awareness:

We coordinate recruitment efforts through social media and our statewide website to help recruit CASA volunteers and raise awareness about child abuse.  We also work on corporate partnerships to assist with public awareness.  Kansas CASA has recently received two grants that have allowed us to hire an additional full-time staff person to focus on statewide volunteer recruitment.


Data Collection: 

We provide local programs with the most current upgraded version of CASA Manager software, a volunteer and case management system, to better track program outcomes and statistics pertaining to the children we serve.


Resource Development and Grants:

Kansas CASA provides pass-through funding to  local CASA programs. Grant funding comes primarily from IOLTA and the Department for Children and Families – Children’s Justice Act Funds.