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Karin Moore

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Quinn SAYS:
Dear Karin, Thank you so mu…
Dear Karin,

Thank you so much for your generous donation! I'm touched that you supported my campaign. THANK YOU! I'm trying to share personal stories of the cats I've met through Cat Town with everyone who supports me. Here's one for you:

It took me weeks to name my first foster cat, one of Cat Town’s Forgotten Kittens, as I tried to think of something cute and defenseless that would make people want to help him. In the shelter they called him Swatty Tabby. I settled on Cricket because of the creaky way he'd meow.

It took him two days to feel safe enough to leave his carrier. I kept him in our bathroom, and when I came in to visit he would squeeze into the tiny space between the sink and the tub, trying to hide in fear. If I pet him, he would swipe, so I took it slow and let him come to me. I took a cue from the movie ET and made a little trail of kibble from his hiding spot to lure him out. Over a few days he came closer and closer, until I could touch him. I left my hand outstretched, and he would timidly approach and rub up against it. After another day or two, he was walking over my lap, back and forth, rubbing against me for affection. It was time to let him out of the bathroom!

Cricket turned out to be a silly, acrobatic cat. He loved to roll around in bed and to chase toys. When my husband and I took a small vacation at Christmas time, Cat Town came to cat-sit for him, and Ann decided to give him a shot in the café. We came back to learn he’d been adopted and was making someone a very fine cuddle companion indeed. The photo I received of him smiling in the lap of his new dad melted my heart.

When I first decided to foster Cricket, I was scared—I had lost the best cat in the world to cancer just a few months prior, and I didn’t know if I was ready to have another cat in my life. But seeing how quickly Cricket transformed was a gift. I saw I could make a difference for a little life with hardly any effort at all. And I knew that if he hadn’t gone to a foster home, he never would have made it out of the shelter alive. I was ready to keep on helping as many cats as possible after that.

Thank you for helping Cat Town save the cats no one else can quite manage to with your generous gift to help keep those doors open!

Best regards,

2 years ago
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Karin Moore
Berkeley, CA United States
Stuff About Me:
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