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CROWDRISE : Jun 18, 2012
Tax ID: 84-0715042
BASED: Denver, CO, United States


Hope and Healing

The Karis Community mission is to provide a transitional community living opportunity for restoring basic life skills and improving the social well-being of individuals recovering from serious and persistent mental illness.

Karis Community (Karis), is the only community-model residential program serving the mentally ill population in Colorado. Karis was founded as Shalom Community in 1976 as a safe and supportive space for people in transitional stages of life. In 1978, Swanee Hunt and Mark Meeks assumed administration of Shalom. Over the next two years, they shifted the focus to mental health, and changed the name to Karis Community. Karis is a place where adults working to manage illnesses such as Major Depression, Bipolar Mood Disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder are nurtured, challenged and launched.

Research conducted by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment shows a strong relationship between poor mental health and chronic disease, lack of access to health care, and overall quality of life. Since 1976, Karis Community has taken an innovative approach in addressing mental health concerns. Karis utilizes the Empowerment Program to provide a cost-effective, personalized alternative to hospitalization—a residential therapeutic community, the only such community in the state (and one of only a few nation-wide). The result has been an exceptionally high number of Community Members who go on to long-term independence. 

Tax ID: 84-0715042 •


Karis Community

Karis Community

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