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Karlette Ford

Karlette Ford
University Park, IL United States
Stuff About Me:

Hello friends and family,

As many of you know, I set out on a journey to change my life about a year and a half ago. I wanted to become a better example of health  and fitness for my daughter, who is the core of my being! So, I started adding more fruits and veggies to my diet. I started strength training, boot camp classes, kickboxing classes, Zumba, etc. In Oct 2012, a coworker, who has become a great friend of mine, introduced me to running. When she first came to me with this concept of running a 5k, I thought she was absolutely nuts! I mean, I've run in the past...on a treadmill for a mile or two for cardio. However, I'd never run for goals or bling!

So, I started the couch to 5k program on my Iphone. I trained for a few months and was excited about my upcoming race then it happened...I caught the flu..the week before the race! I spent a day in the hospital because of dehydration and the next four days at home in bed :( I received a call from my coworker(friend) the day before the race...she was checking to see how I was recovering as well as wanting to know the answer to the million dollar question...are you running Sunday? My answer was a surprising, "YES!" To which she replied, "Are you know they'll be other races?" My reply was, "I'm positive...I trained for this race!" So I purchased a surgical mask to run in to prevent other people from catching the flu...ran my first 5k in 36:30...not bad for someone that spent the week sick in bed! Out of curiosity, other runners asked me about my mask. So, I told them the story.They high fived me and told me I had "heart" to do that! Feeling proud of myself for not giving up, I have since named that run my Michael Jordan moment....oh yeah...I went there! Remember that play off game when he had the flu and the Bulls went on to win the championship...that's exactly what it felt like to me :) Since that race, I've run in several other 5k in which I was able to PR 29:30! I've also ran in 7k, 10k, 10 milers and several half marathons :)

So, I just took the time to share a little bit about my passion for running with you so that I can tell you about my biggest race! I will be running my first full marathon this Oct...the Chicago Marathon! I am running on behalf of a charity by the name of Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Cancer shouldn't happen to anyone...especially not a kid! No parent should ever have to lose a child to this disease...they should be planning picnics, trips to the park or beach...not funerals! Please help me in my fundraising efforts.I need to raise $750 by Oct 1, 2013! Now I know that times are hard and I am not asking you to give me your last dollar or give me $750 but whatever you can give will be much appreciated. However, anything or $20 can be tax deductible. Also, please share this link with your friends  and family....all you have to do is click the share button :) I would also appreciate you guys being at the race to help cheer me on! Didn't mean to make this so long....but I wouldn't be me if I didn't. Thank you for taking time to read this :)


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