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Kate is raising money for OMS research. OMS stands for Opsoclonous Myoclonous Syndrome. Kate was diagnosed with OMS and Neuroblastoma when she was 19 months old. Neuroblastoma is a rare for of cancer usually found in children. Kate's neuroblastoma had not advanced very far, because she also had OMS. OMS is a 1 in a million condition. Doctors believe that OMS causes a child's immune system to aggressively attack the neuroblastoma. The amazing Doctors at Children's Hospital Boston removed Kate's Neuroblastoma as she has had no relapse since. Unfortunately, Kate's battle does not end there. While the OMS helped Kate's body fight the cancer, it also tells the immune systems to attack the base of the brain. Kids who have OMS can lose the ability to walk, have muscle spasms, rage attacks, loss of speech, insomnia, decreased muscle tone and vomiting and be socially withdrawn. The attack on the brain can lead to long terms issues, including cognitive delays, speech impairment, ADHD, and learning disabilities. Fortunately for Kate, one of the experts in the world on OMS works at Children's Hospital Boston. Dr. Mark Gorman, and his amazing team, has helped to Kate fight through OMS with various treatments including chemotherapy, IVIG, speech, OT and PT support. Kate still undergoes daily and month treatment for OMS, but she is fighting hard and is doing well overall. So what are we raising money for? We are raising money for Dr. Gorman at Children's Hospital Boston to conduct OMS research. We believe that this research will not only impact children in the future with OMS but also that OMS lead researchers to find a way to use lessons from OMS to fight all kids of cancer. Currently, the Philadelphia Cancer Institute is currently looking at the possible connection between OMS and fighting cancer. We are looking for any an all help. Jack and Kate are raising money through their OMS lemonade stand. Rich and I will be running the falmouth road race. We are looking for supports to fundraise or to donate. Some of Kate and Jack's friends are going to start their own fundraising Lemonade Stands. We have family members who are runners who are fundraising with every race they run. And this site contains lots of ideas and resources to help with your own fundraising for OMS research, or to simply make a donation.



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