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Kayla Roge

Kayla Roge
Port Saint Lucie, FL United States
Stuff About Me:

Hi, My name is Kayla Mirielle Roge, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) about 2 years ago on February 10, 2018. This date will live in my mind, as significant as my birthdate. This was the day I was told that my life would change forever. As of this day I would never be able to eat a piece of food or drink a beverage as I had before. From now on I would have to calculate carbs, measure insulin, inject insulin for EVERYTHING. For whatever I eat I have to find out the carbs, calculate how much insulin and inject myself. If I don't eat everything I inject for I risk my blood sugar dropping and possilby going into a coma or die. If I eat more than I inject for or if I forget to inject my blood sugar can spike too high and I can go into ketoacidosis and end up in the hospital and can also die. It is a VERY delicate balance and you can ask any T1D, it is a nearly impossilbe task to keep your sugars within the proper range for any extended period of time. It scares me that I have taken on this disease so young, because I have NO IDEA what all the yoyoing is doing to my body now and the effects it will cause to my body in the future. It is NOT fun. I sometimes ask WHY? Why do I have this? Why can't I be a normal teenager? Why can't I be free of sensors in my arms, tubes in my stomach, and beeping alarms going off at night while I am trying to sleep? I can't even going to a school dance without figuring out HOW can I wear my insulin pump? There are no pockets in dresses to keep my pump, which is attaced to a tube, which is attaced to my body. I mean WHO else has to worry about that, and 100 other things every day and for the rest of my life; unless they find a cure. 

I am so thankful to my parents who have given up so much for me; time, money, sleep, worry and finding solutions. My mom and my sister Katie have not had many full nights of sleep since my diagnosis. They share with my phone to receive alarms when my sugars go high or low, when my phone stops receiving data (for whatever reason) or for any of the other dozen reasons there are alarms. I thank the kindness of family, friends & generous strangers who helped my parents get me the amazing equipment I now have. My Dexcom monitors my sugars and my pump allows me to get insulin without using needles 6-8 times per day. It certainly takes a TEAM to keep me alive. 

I have great friends who care about me, but they will never know exactly how it feels, what it's like, how hard it is. This is why our group "Macey's Believers" raises money every year to pay for scholarships for T1D's in our group to attend "Children with Diabetes, Friends for Life" (CWD-FFL) Conference in Orlando every year. Sometimes T1D's just need to be with others who do know EXACTLY what it's like. This one week each year is a lifeline, a place to feel the SAME as everyone else. No one is asking: "What's that thing on your arm?", or "What's that tube under your shirt?". We can make "friends for life" that we can talk to and confide in. Aside from that there are classes, meetings and activities to help us learn more about T1D and how to deal with living with T1D. We also learn about new technology coming out and the research that is going on to try to find a cure. Here we can eat without stress. ALL the food is labeled with the carbs. You can go to any restaurant and some may have the calories on the menu, but next to none have the carbs (FYI - Texas Roadhouse does). Makes it really hard for T1D's to eat out and get an accurate carb count. 

For all of these reasons I will be participating in the first ever "Macey's Believers T1D Walk for a Cure". Last year I participated in the JDRF Walk for a Cure, but this year JDRF has elimiated the walk in the Treasure Coast and so we would all have to travel over an hour to the next nearest walk. So Macey's Believers has decided to start our own walk and the donations/proceeds will go towards scholarships to pay for our groups T1D's to attend the CWD-FFL this July. As well we will be making a donation from Macey's Believers to JDRF to continue researach to find a cure. I am in need of one of our groups scholarships, so I am asking that you please try to make a donation on my page. Any amount is appreciated, every dollar counts. 

The more people who attend the walk, the more successful it will be, so I ask all our family & friends in a reasonable distance to try come and join us for the walk. Even if you can't donate, just being there and supporting me, will mean the world to me!! :) 

Walk Info: Saturday, April 28,2018 / 9:00am - 12:00pm / Indian Riverside Park, Jensen Beach, FL / Registration starts at 9:00am, walk starts at 10:00am / Lunch provided by Olive Garden.  

Thank you for your time, support and donations.

With Sincere Appreciation,

Kayla Roge and Marlisa Roge, Scott Roge & Katie Roge


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