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Erik van Os' Fundraiser:

Training of Teachers (TOT)

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The Karen Education Department (KED) was inaugurated in its current capacity in 1998 to oversee the growing number of projects aimed to support the education of the Karen civilian population in Myanmar. These projects, among others, include; basic & higher education, construction of school buildings, designing and optimizing school curricula, providing school supplies, granting teacher subsidies, and teacher training. Our projects are currently benefiting over hundreds of thousands of children and numerous adults, and allow the Karen community within each district to build a sustainable educational system. Our staff has furthermore doubled in an effort to effectively administer our projects as well as keep pace with our organization’s growing administrative responsibilities.

I am pleased to write you about a project that I believe will be of interest to all you. The KED is seeking funds to provide two 6-weeks intensive trainings for the Area Teacher Trainers (ATT) of 6 districts within Karen State (Myanmar), 3 follow-up trainings for local teachers provided by the ATT, and ATT-subsidies,

Over 5 decades of civil war has begotten devastating effects on the numerous internally displaced people within the 7 districts of Karen State. The level of education has significantly deteriorated, and everyday access to education has become more arduous due to heavy antagonistic military movement within the districts and the impossibility of cross-border operations by international NGOs.

To facilitate the enhancement of the quality of education according to the KED-curricula, the KED has collaborated with the KTWG, the CIDKP and the NHEC, to distribute academic material and provide training to numerous educators in utilizing the curricula as intended.

The training will continue to bring skills and subject knowledge to the ATT and teachers, enable teachers to create and utilize teaching aids, and concurrently benefit more than 80,000 students. To monitor and evaluate the overall progress of the project and determine whether there is a need for further alteration of both training and curricula, we are furthermore developing a monitoring system.

We ask for your partnership because of your demonstrated interest in supporting impoverished communities worldwide.

We critically need funds to conduct this sorely needed training, fund the equipment, and the resources of 5 DEO & 24 ATT overseeing the education of the 3961 teachers in the 7 beleaguered districts.

Undaunted and zealous, the KED is an organization devoted to excellence, with a lucid vision and a passion for delivering stupendous results. We call on you to collaborate in maximizing our support and outreach. Over the years the KED has proven the need of proper education in rural areas and has successfully created enabling environments in which local communities participate to strengthen their overall frameworks. With your support, our many students will be able to further disseminate their knowledge to their family members, neighbors and peers, and, in doing so, enhance the standard of living of the community.

We are close to securing funds through an Australian donor for the year 2011, but require continuous annual support and would like to expand our donorbase to avoid high dependency on 1 sole funder.

Thank you for taking your time to become a part of our team. Please do not hesitate to contact me when deemed necessary.

Kindest regards,

Erik van Os, MBA
+66-(0)89 51 89 159



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