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Tom Keegan for The Norma Pfriem Breast Care Center

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Dear Friends and Family:

I will be running the New York City Marathon for a second and last time on November 2, 2014.  This year is special.  While I love to run, especially for a good cause, my old body is telling me to slow down.  Actually, my knees are shouting at me to stop.  I’ve decided to listen to them but not without one more all-out effort to support a cause very close to Patti and me: breast cancer.

Last year I ran for a national organization that gets young professionals involved in supporting breast cancer research.  This year I am running for The Norma F. Pfriem Breast Care Center in Connecticut, an organization serving the tri-state region that helps over 1,000 uninsured and underinsured women each year receive breast cancer screening and treatment.  The NPBCC is also the place where Patti was treated.  The staff was amazing:  compassionate, caring, knowledgeable.  We put ourselves in their hands, and they guided us through the process with great respect and skill.

Patti was lucky.  Her cancer was caught early and treated successfully.  A late stage diagnosis would have been a very different story.  Over the course of her treatment, we learned that there are many women who aren’t as fortunate, women who are so frightened of receiving a bill that may delay treatment until their cancer has progressed to a life-threatening stage and is much more difficult to treat.  No one should be afraid to go to the doctor because they lack the financial resources to pay for their care!

I was so thankful to have Patti healthy again.  While we have always supported the Breast Care Center, our experience made me passionate about helping other women receive the care they need.  I know our support is saving lives! 

This is also a special year at the Breast Care Center.  They are building a new office to serve even more women in the tri-state region.  Connecticut and New York have some of the highest rates of breast cancer incidence in the country.  And the towns surrounding the Breast Care Center have some of the highest incidence and mortality rates in Connecticut!  We want to change that by making sure all women have access to the same great care that Patti did. 

Running a marathon is hard, especially at my age, but not nearly as hard as what women go through on their breast cancer journey.  I want to let them know that there are people fighting for them.  I hope you will make this run a little lighter on my heart—and knees—by sending your good wishes and financial support.  Donating through this website is simple and totally secure. It is the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts.

Your help could save a woman’s life!  Thank you.



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