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Creating Community Through Music

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The Keene Music Festival is a gem of the New England area.  Founded in 2000, the Keene Music Festival creates opportunities for local, regional, and national musicians to perform in our area.  We also work to connect musicians with musicians and with local venues; with the goal of generating more venues for homegrown music.  

The Keene Music Festival puts together fundriaising concerts for local charites, assists local businesses in adding live music to their offerings, and develops free concerts in and around the community.  We're an all volunteer organization that focuses on showcasing both our amazing local performers and what our community has to offer.  Current fundraising projects include:

The Sumner Knight Series:  Local, Regional and National performers coming to the Sumner Knight Chapel for concerts that raise funds for the restoration and renovation of the Chapel.

Rock the Sprouts:  A series of concerts to raise money to support the Early Sprouts Program at our local HeadStart Centers.

The Sweet Tea Picnic:  An annual event featuriing a commiunity picnic and americana music to raise funds for the Keene Community Kitchen and Summer Knight Chapel.

We're an all volunteer organziation that believes in a low impact approach to what we do.  We seek out the lowest cost ways of doing what we need to do to put together and promote our events.  We've made a commitment to be a fixed  budget organization; we only raise what we need to meet our expenses.  We do this because we are aware that there are lots of local organizations that need community support, so we want to only ask for what we need; to ensure that others also get what they need.