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Brittny Boden is 24 years old and lives alone in a low-income housing complex in Hempstead, NY. She faces eviction in a month, at Christmas time. She has no one to turn to for a place to live or for help because she has no family or friends who can help her.

Her monthly income was $1164 ($9.30 cents an hour as a department manager at Walmart). So low she couldn’t make a living. Luckily, this week she started a new job with Catholic Charities at a home for the mentally ill and her income increased to $12.17 an hour. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a car and her current commute is $18/day to get to and from Huntington Station where she is working for the next few months. She is working towards her goal of moving up within Catholic Charities to work with foster youth. She graduated in May with a degree in Psychology from SUNY’s Westbury State. It is an incredible achievement for someone who was in and out of homeless shelters during her college years.

Brittny doesn’t have a family the way most of us do. That's because Brittny aged-out of the foster care system a few years ago.

Brittny’s rent is currently $1124. She has already tried multiple times to have her rent lowered to a reasonable rate. She is in a HUD building in downtown Hempstead, NY. She was placed there as part of a Nassau county homelessness program for youth who aged-out of the foster care system. Her rent had been fully subsidized and then abruptly ended, reverting to an above market rate. A woman she knows a few apartments away only pays $250/month and another woman pays only $25 for the same sized apartment. Why is Brittny’s rent so high? She has petitioned to have it lowered unsuccessfully. She now owes over $5000 in back rent and $500 in utilities. Her final hearing is on November 29th. She is pretty sure what will happen, eviction within 30 days. If she doesn’t have a place to go, her belongings will be taken to Bennett Storage in Hempstead where it will be auctioned off.

Brittny is resilient and clever. She has called organizations for homelessness prevention (didn't qualify for aid because she doesn’t have children), tried to apply for section 8 housing (2.5 year waiting list), got a roommate to share rent (who skipped out without paying after 2 months), had a better paying job that she lost (unemployed for 4 months), graduated college (only to enter the current job market), and just went another week without pay. Because of Superstorm Sandy, Walmart and Brittny both were without power for a week. Brittny doesn’t quit but she does get really down and has trouble sleeping.
That is why we are putting out this one-time call-to-action to help a worthy young woman get a fresh start.

What we need to help Brittny:
-$1750 for first, last, and deposit for rent in order to be able to move into a safe warm place to live for -$500-$575 in Jamaica, Queens with a good roommate or roommates.
-$83.69 Winter coat (
-$50 Winter boots $25x2 (Payless)
-Tickets for the Long Island Railroad (daily roundtrip $10 plus taxi from station to work)

If you are able to help offline or in some other way, please contact me. Brittny also needs more clothing to look sharp at work. We talked about how you should dress for the job you want and not the job you have. We would love to help her do just that. Gift cards for clothing and shoe stores that carry size 5x (30-32) and size 11 shoes. gift cards are great for that.


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