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Umbrella of the Capital District, Inc.'s Fundraiser:

Keeping Seniors & People with Disabilities at HOme

Umbrella of the Capital District, Inc.'s Photo
Umbrella of the Capital District, Inc.'s Photo
Umbrella of the Capital District, Inc.'s Photo
Umbrella of the Capital District, Inc.'s Photo

Umbrella of the Capital District, Inc. via Crowdrise
January 05, 2011

Rebecca and Mud are members of Umbrella. So are Anna and her husband. Bill is one of the people who assist them and others to stay at home.  See more

BENEFITING: Umbrella of the Capital District, Inc.

EVENT DATE: Jan 04, 2011


The best way to tell "the story" is to read what some of our members have to say about our program. Rebecca and Mud - I am a quadriplegic homeowner who has been a member for several years. It wasn't until I started to write this that I realized just how important Umbrella is to my quality of life. Umbrella cleans my house, takes care of my lawn, has fixed plumbing emergencies, repaired doors and windows, painted, helped me find reliable contractor to fix my roof.. the list goes on. As a wheelchair user who loves the independence of living in my own house but simply can't do many of the things necessary to maintain a home, I rely on Umbrella to keep me safe and secure. One of the best things about the organization is that they know each of their members personally and care about how they are doing. That is pretty extraordinary!

Anna - We have been members of Umbrella for at least a 15 years and have used many of their services. Not just the workers who have mowed, raked, gardened, painted, and cleaned, but also the plumbers, and electricians. During this time we have had many differenet workers come to the house. They have all been friendly and have done their assigned tasks in the alloted time. Considering that they are paid a rather minimal hourly rate their dedication to their tasks is joy to see. It is also a great comfort to know that if we are not satisfied with the work all we have to do is call the Umbrella office for help. The office staff has also been very helpful and understanding. Over the years as we have had to have more help we have been very greatful that Umbrella is available to us.

Bill - "Umbrella" has the goal of providing low cost services to handicapped and older community members so that they can remain independent and stay in their own homes. This is accomplished by organizing a large number of volunteers who are able to almost any service that a client can no longer do for themselves. Based on my own experiences and observations, "Umbrella" is achieving this goal for the clients that have availed themselves of these services.

Almost all clients I visit have expressed gratitude for "Umbrella" services. Many repeatedly tell me that they would be unable to stay in their current home without the help that this organization provides. The response I get from people I have helped has made me feel good about myself and what I am accomplishing and reminds me that "umbrella" is achieving the goals it has set for itself.

Lois - I regard Umbrella as the best and cheapest insurance in town. For only $315 a year I know that in an emergency that help is just a phone call away -- 24 hours a day -- and that the Umbrella repair person will arrive at my home within 90 minutes. In addition to this wonderful guarantee, which is very comforting, I have often called upon Umbrella for the annoying problems other services aren't willing to handle or advice on larger issues. I have been a member for several years and have recommended Umbrella to many others. I plan to continue to be a member as long as I am "aging in place."

Pretty cool huh?

Everyday we help people stay in their homes, safely & affordably. Not long ago, a son called & told us, “If it weren’t for Umbrella, my mother would have had to leave her home years ago.” His mother passed away on just before the holiday season. Notwithstanding the sadness of her passing, his mom was where she wanted to be, because of Umbrella. That made me smile.
Over the years, Umbrella has helped thousands of area seniors & people with disabilities live safely in their homes, in comfort & with dignity. Children living far away are relieved knowing their parents are not alone. With our great workforce of talented retirees, a few volunteers & some financial support from the community, we have been able to meet the
needs of those wanting to stay in their homes.
With your financial support we can continue doing what we do best.
And all of us can smile.


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