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Keep Music In Schools!

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Music is one of life’s great intangibles. You can’t touch it but it can certainly touch you. Music brings people together. Music heals. Music empowers. But most importantly, music changes kids and kids will change the world. Little Kids Rock is a national nonprofit that is dedicated to ensuring that every kid has the chance to unlock their inner music-maker. We donate all of the instruments, curriculum and resources that inner city public school teachers need to teach their kids to play, improvise, mix and write the music that they know and love. But why do we teach music? When budget cuts are forcing music programs out of the most economically challenged schools across the country, WHY is Little Kids Rock reversing that trend and EXPANDING music education when many policy makers think that the effort is futile? We teach music not because we expect them to major in music... not because we expect them to be famous… not because we expect them to play or sing music for the rest of their lives (although that would be just fine…) No… we teach music so they will recognize BEAUTY so they will be closer to something BIGGER than this world so they will be able to express the creativity that lies within them, no matter how profound, simple, or funny it can be. That’s why music education really has NOTHING to do with music itself and everything to do with kids and the world they will inherit from us. If we want our children to live in a harmonious world, we must invest in harmony. If we want our kids to live in a beautiful world, we must invest in beauty. If we want our kids to live in a just world, we must invest in justice. If we don’t invest in the next generation of music-makers, nobody else will.




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