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Keep my family in their home!

Organized by: Chris Butterworth

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My family has been trying for years to achieve even a small semblance of stability. Things started falling apart in the mid-to-late 90's when my dad was hospitalized for heart troubles. At the time, we had just moved to New Hampshire, and both of my parents were waiting for their insurance to kick in. It hadn't, and the hospital bills piled up. It truly could not have come at a worse time. Despite everything, my dad overcame it and finished getting his Master's Degree in Communication Disorders. Things seemed like they were on the rise but as it turns out, Speech-Language Pathology is a heavily neglected yet cutthroat field. He's been struggling to find stable, steady work since he graduated in 2000 despite being a truly remarkable Speech-Language Pathologist.

In the mid-aughts, we took in my maternal grandmother. She had been developing dementia for quite some time and had been battling diabetes for decades. No one else in our family bothered to do anything, so it fell upon us to take care of her. We didn't mind, we love her. We still take care of her to this day. She has lost the use of her legs, and the ability to form coherent sentences, but she's still capable of acknowledging the love she has around her.

In 2011, we lost our home in New Hampshire to predatory lending. We relocated to Eastern Oregon at great financial and emotional expense based on a job offer for my dad. We had to rent a house on a whim or be homeless. The landlord took advantage of us and left us stranded in a house with mold in the walls and carpets, no running water or electricity, animal feces in the attic, and dead animals in the basement. My father had been taking jobs around the country just to keep us afloat, and my mom, in her 50's, was working nights at a nursing home. All of this led us into the most miserable and terrifying time any of us have ever known.

We got lucky and relocated about a month and a half afterwards to a less dilapidated house. Things were alright there, but we were still struggling. The hospital that we had moved out here for seemed to not understand my dad's field outside of knowing that they needed it so despite stable work, the income was never stable. We managed to move into the house they currently live in about a year and a half ago. On the outside, it seemed like everything was getting better, but then yet another bad hand was drawn. Basically, things didn't work out at the hospital, and my dad is back working travel jobs to keep everybody afloat.

We have a chance for him to open his own practice that--due to his reputation amongst his patients--is basically guaranteed to succeed if we can get it off the ground. Unfortunately, they face yet another obstacle (noticing a pattern?). Their current landlord has decided to sell the house out from under them. Despite knowing my family's troubles, and knowing that they are taking care of an elderly woman with very specific needs, they feel that they can sell a house in a small college town (less than 20,000 people) fast enough to recoup any lost rent from my family. The reason they rented to them in the first place is because they had trouble selling the house. Now, they intend to put my family through yet another hardship on a gamble against astronomical odds.

That's where you come in. They have less than three months to secure a down payment on this house or they will be forced out. All funds accumulated will go towards achieving this goal, or securing a smooth transition to a new home in case the main goal isn't met. $50,000 seems steep for a down payment, however as you can imagine, credit is an issue. A large down payment is the only way they will be able to secure a loan. That goal is a bit of a pipe dream, but hopefully I can at least make this an easier process for them. My family has always made sure that no matter what was going on that me and my little brother always had everything that we needed. It's my turn to look out for them, to pay them back for their years of love and kindness. I can't sleep at night knowing that these people who have loved me and taken care of me for so long are suffering again. Please, give what you can, and spread the word. I thank any of you who choose to help with my entire being. This means more to me than you can know.


Organized by

Chris Butterworth

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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