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Keep Our Outreach Center Open!

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We Urgently Need Your Help To Keep The Doors Of Our Center for Children Open! Need to raise $3,000 to keep the doors open to our center.

We Urgently Need Your Help To Keep The Doors Of Our Center for Children Open!

Her name is Rosita, she is 4 years old, and she lives in a one room house constructed on an abandoned lot next to our Haven of Hope Outreach Center. Her house is made of pieces of metal, has no electricity, no running water and no bathroom. Her Mother is a single Mother of four children, her Father tried selling the children for sex to feed his addiction and now has abandoned the family and they are struggling to survive on their own. Many evenings our staff would find Rosita roaming the streets and her Mother was not even aware she was outside of the house. When The Hope Movement opened our doors to help Rosita and her sister they came to us severally malnourished physically and emotionally.

Unfortunately this story is common in the area where The Hope Movement works and we offer the only outreach program in this third largest city of Guatemala. The Hope Movement is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit foundation based in Miami, Florida and through our Haven of Hope Outreach Center in Escuintla, Guatemala we are providing daily meals, education, counseling, medical treatment to hundreds of children and families who are struggling for survival and uniting and training local communities to bring lasting change.

Since entering our Haven of Hope Outreach Center little Rosita is now healthy and developing into a wonderful little girl in a safe and loving environment. The need is so great and as a grassroots movement our work would not exist without loving and compassion individuals such as you.

We desperately need your help! Our Haven of Hope Outreach Center may be forced to temporarily close our doors this month if compassionate people such as yourself do not help us raise the needed $3,000 this month. It only cost $2.00 to feed and educate a child in our Haven of Hope Outreach Center and 95% of every dollar goes directly to the program as our executive staff work as volunteers so that your gifts can make a greater impact.

I know this has been a difficult economic time for many, and there are many wonderful organizations to give to, but we ask that you please take a moment to pray and think about this opportunity to help children who without your help will go to sleep tonight with an empty stomach, face abuse, will be forced to work on the streets rather than study and will loss hope for a brighter future, but with your help their lives will be forever transformed.

So I ask you, will you help? Will you take a moment and give what you can to children who are a reaching out to us for love and hope? Will you unite with us to form a movement of hope? I pray that your answer is YES!

If you would like to share an inspirational message to one of our children or families in our program please fill out the online form at and send it along with your donation. Thank you for being a vessel to transform lives, you are such a blessing and we love you.

Please Consider Giving A Financial Gift To Help Keep The Doors Of Our Center Open!



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