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comedianchanel SAYS:
5 years ago
comedianchanel chanelbleu
comedianchanel chanelbleu
Hyattsville, MD United States
Stuff About Me:

Hello my name is Kay, I am a friend of (

i am a stay at home wife (not by choice)i am usually a happy go lucky, friendly , kind hearted, giving, person i love bringing laughter to the soul. for all that we face in life there is so much at the end of our most busiest days to smile about.

outside of my profession i recently came face to face with the most horrific experience ever, i have been abused in the most way.  dont get me wrong i am a very strong minded woman always been taught to paddle my own canoe. so domestic violence is something that  i thought would never happen to me, after a past experience i thought i knew all the signs but i did not know anything. i married a man who i thought was everything to me i loved this man unconditionally, i lost myself somewhere being dating and marriage i am not exactly sure where.

after five years of hell in the arms of this young man, i dont know where to begin telling you of the things i came face to face with. however i decided that i will find away to get the help i need run off far way and write and complete my book i have been working on these past three years.

what i can tell you is that i have lost many friends, an unborn baby, all my maternal siblings, even my own mother, i almost lost a toe. after a safety survey with the domestic violence hotline i ranked high at possibly not surving. i have nobody to run to and i dont want to suffer my kids.where is my family when i need them? they all left me here to dye in the care of this man.

i talked about, some even saw for themselves, but they all walked off thinking it was something that i wanted. what i wanted was love a true family a man who could be my partner in life. instead i recieved an opinionated counselor where my voice never counted, a father, a dog trainer, some one who destroyed me an tore me down daily telling me all that he do and how i would never mean anything to him, i am no more then a prostitute how i do not deserve love because i have many kids.

i have been kicked, spit on , cursed, beat, all of thee above and i have no where to run too sometimes i feel like i am going to die here. i am not afraid of dying i am afraid of dying for love with out ever having the chance to live. this site is my last resort.

i am a very humble person and i dont ask for much in life i just want to accomplish somethings like everyone i want to focus on one thing at a time. i want to be a good mom and i wanted to be a good wife. he showed me that it doesnt matter what i do it will never make him happy unless its something he need for me to do then the smile there is only temporary.

i went to the hospital a few weeks back for a cold, when i was told that they found traces of sugar in my urine, and my blood pressure was elevated 189/? extremely high i was afraid that day and i knew i had to make up my mind that i need to get out.

but how would i get there i asked my self and what about my kids "please GOD" help  me i know not what to do. im still here because of my kids everyone has turned there back on me and i cant turn to no one for help.

they have moved on with there lives and no matter how much i have help them in there time of needs no one will come to my rescue. "shall i just die here"

i cant and i want out!!!

so i am coming to you because i am afraid very afraid. i dont know how much longer i could hold on, and i do hope and pray that i do not have to search any more. i have a plan to leave with my kids and start a fresh juice family business on venice beach. find a home for my children, work on my health, diet and exercise.

all these things are simple for the normal person just not for me because if i do anything for myself its always a problem. yes so i am asking for real help. $5, $10

anything you can find in your heart to donate to me and my family. help us we havent done anything together as a family in years, and we lost so much.

if you can help us please do so, please dont judge me. if you cant please pray for us that some one else may come along and help us.

                                                                                     Thank you



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