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Kellie Murry
Kellie Murry
Canton, MI United States
Stuff About Me:

Hi friends,

If you are reading this I hope it means you are interested in why I am running!  I could fill pages with why I feel my running ministry is my calling but instead of talking about ME I want to focus on THEM.  "Them" are the broken hearted, the enslaved and the people who are caught in the horrible evil known as sex trafficking.  With all the stories in the news about this topic, you have undoubtedly heard about this problem, but I think we sometimes think it is happening in "other" places such as poor areas or other countries but is is also happening right in our neighborhoods, schools and even churches.  LoveRuns comes along side groups that are making a difference in awareness, rescue and restoration efforts.  Each year proposals from various groups are received and funding decisions are made using a vetting process.  See below for last year's recipients.  This year our Goal is to raise $500,000 so we can help even more groups stop this ugly evil.   So our mission as a ministry of NorthRidge is that of the church which is a simple 16 words..."wake the world up to Jesus, show them his love, tell them his truth, involve them".  So what I am doing encompasses ALL of these words and involves each of YOU!!

Please consider a donation of ANY size!  This year a decision was made that all allocated funds will be used locally!!


Last year we distributed $322,000 with 75% contributed locally and 25% globally.

1.  Detroit Rescue Mission - $150,000 to help fund a newly opened facility dedicated to the rescue and restoration of local victims of all ages.  Detroit Rescue Mission's decision to expand its efforts to provide a focused solution was in direct response to Love Run's encouragement and commitment.  

2.  Vista Maria - $30,000 to help in the restoration of the children, some of whom were rescued in the FBI raids the week before the marathon.  It will help pay for counseling and life skill training.  

3.  AWOL - (All Worthy Of Love) $35,000 will allow them to expand their rescue efforts to another area of Detroit. They actually train church members to engage the victims on street corners over a long period of time (typically 8 months to a year) and provide sanitation kits and a way out. AWOL uses Grace Centers of Hope as the agency and safe haven for restoration.

4.  SOAP (Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution): $10,000 to fund our team members and others’ participation in wrapping soap and delivering it to the motels in S.E. Michigan.  We've already had over 100 RidgeRunners participate in this and the stories of their experience are compelling.  


1.  SOWER OF SEEDS: $30,000 to advance the efforts in the Mumbai Red Light District with Bombay Teen Rescue.

2.  ZOE - $30,000 to help Zoe's efforts to pioneer the best practices of rescue and restoration both in Thailand (the epicenter of trafficking) and now in the United States, with the US State Department's support and endorsement.   


Up to $15,000 will be used for certain expenses inherent in global partnerships to ensure and validate the impact of the efforts.



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